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Weather Your Weather with Vaseline

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. 

I’m sure you have noticed the weather changing all around you – the air has turned cold, the leaves are changing colors and falling off their branches, and our days are shorter. Just like the change of seasons changes the weather, it should also change our moisturizing routine.


I know for me, here in Arizona, the weather is so dry and cold as well in the Winter that my skin always needs extra lotion and moisturizing. My feet are always the first to show signs of the cold weather with dry, cracked heels but if I don’t stay on top of using lotion, chapstick, moisturizers – all of my skin soon shows it too.

Walmart has created a great tool to show you want lotions are right for you and how to pick the best lotion for the season. The simple tool – Weather Your Weather – asks you to pick your location, what activities you’ll be up to, and what the weather is like where you live and then shows you the best


Walmart carries Vaseline® products at an everyday low value to help you stay moisturized without breaking the bank.