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Unwinding For “Me Time”

A variety of Celestial Seasonings samples and compensation was received in exchange for this post.

I love the fall and winter months, because when My children were young, they would go to bed early because it was dark out earlier.  This would give me the needed “me time” after a full day of house work, cooking and chasing after them.  Once I got them all tuck into bed and asleep, I would turn all the lights off in the house and light my oil lamps and candles.  Then I would make myself a nice  cup of tea and just sit down and enjoy the silence.  That was what “me time” looked like back then.

Celestial Seasonings

Later on as the Boys grew and they didn’t go to bed so early and when they heard me moving around in the house in the mornings… I would have to take my cup of tea, slip out of the house, walk down to the beach and sit by the water line just out of the wet edge and watch the sun come up over the mountains.  Now that was a good “me time”.  Listening to the water birds in the morning, feeling the cool foggy air and sipping my hot drink….

Now that the children are all grown, and I have all the time I might ever want for Me.  I still like to take my “me time”.  I will go out and sit on the back porch first thing in the mornings before the world starts  moving really fast.  This is the view from my “me time space”…


Sitting here, sipping my hot drink, listening to the birds and seeing the fog in the fields by the barn.  Not a better way to start my day than by taking some time out just for me.


I would really encourage you, no matter what stage of life you are in, to stop and take some “me time” and see if that doesn’t make all the rest of life just a bit more relaxing and enjoyable.