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Twister Dance Rave

I received Twister Dance Rave in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Some of my happiest memories involve family gatherings full of dancing and playing games. Combining dancing, fun music, and competition, Twister Dance Rave will bring a smile to your face as you bond with friends and family playing this ultimate game.

Twister Dance Rave kicks the classic Twister game up a level. Not only does Twister Dance Rave test your coordination, but challenges your dance skills. Whether you choose to use Twister Dance Rave’s music or your own music, you will have fun grooving to the beat. So how do you play this fantastic game?

You first start by arranging all of your colored spots and console in this particular arrangement. Your friend’s spots mirror your own spots.


Made for 1-2 people, players dance at the same time following the same rules. After choosing from 3 different levels and picking a song from today’s top artists, you are ready to start. As the left side of the console lights up, you will use your left leg to step on the displayed color; the same rules apply to the right side. When the console turns purple, you have the opportunity to freestyle dance – time to let your creativity shine. With Twister Dance Rave’s amazing speakers and LED lights, any song becomes an instant dance party.


My family loves playing Twister Dance Rave. I love that this game provides the hottest music, but also allows me to play music of my own from my mp3 player. Although I am a terrible dancer, it’s fun to compete against my family members and laugh at how silly we look! Twister Dance Rave provides smiles for the entire family. What a fun way to create an instant dance party with your family and friends.

To play Hasbro’s Twister Dance Rave ($34.99) visit Hasbro’s website.