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Summer Fun for Everyone

Summer is always full of adventures. Sometimes they are big, like traveling to a new place. Sometimes they are small, like trying something new or conquering a fear. For those of us living in Arizona, we are often just looking for somewhere to cool off. If you are setting off for your adventure abroad or at home, check out these great products to help aid you on your adventures!

We received a variety of samples and/or compensation for inclusion in this guide. All opinions are our own. 

summer fun for everyone

A Summer of Good Health

Safe in the Sun

Keep your skin protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays all summer long. Blue Lizard Sunscreen has a unique bottle designed to let you know when those harmful rays are present by changing the color of the bottle from white to blue. No more guessing if you are really at risk, now you’ll know! It provides broad spectrum coverage with SPF 30+ and their Sport/Regular formula is very water resistant to keep you protected, even when you’re at the pool or beach. Plus, they offer a 100% satisifaction guarantee so you’re guaranteed to love it! Visit Blue Lizard’s website for more information and use the coupon code P20AMOMT for 20% off orders over $35!



Keep track of fevers with a bluetooth, wireless, wearable thermometer! You place a soft, comfortable TempTraq patch right on the skin and it will sense and record temperatures for 24 hours and send the reading up to your mobile device to the TempTraq app. No more struggling to get a reading or worrying through the night, you can now truly stay on top of your family members during sick days. It can alert you when the temperature raises above your personally set alert level. Use the code AMomsTake for a 10%.



Give yourself some summer freedom by storing any excess milk and preserving what would naturally go to waste. This extra you store during each feeding can quickly add up and help you build up a milk storage with next to no effort. Fairhaven Health’s Milk-Saver can be slipped into your bra to collect milk on the non-nursing side as you naturally leak while breastfeeding. No need to use a breast pump or other contraptions! When you’re done feeding, your milk can be stored away in freezer-safe milk storage bags, labeled, and easily kept in your freezer with the Freeze system that makes it simple to use first in, first out approach. You can find this Milkies “Save and Store” Bundle on Fairhaven Health’s website and other Milkie products like the milk storage ice trays.



Taking care of the home will go into overtime with the kids all home from school. That makes it more important than ever to choose quality products without harmful ingredients. EveryDayHappy offers bundles to help you get started with everything you need in one simple to order package. The Diaper Care Kit auto-delivers the diapers and wipes you need each month with diapers designed to be perfectly sized, breathable, durable, and ultra absorbent. Best of all they are toxin-free and have a soft cloth-like texture while being ultra thin. Their Family Care Kit includes Face & Body Lotion, Laundry Detergent, Hand Soap Liquid, Diaper Care Cream, and Shampoo & Body Wash. Each are hypoallergenic, naturally non-toxic, biodegradable and tear-free! Visit EveryDayHappy to find the perfect products to compliment a summer of good health.



Summer is the perfect time to take control of your health and stop any excuses that stand in your way. The weather is beautiful so it’s easier to get outdoors and get active. But it’s also an easy time to make changes to your eating habits. Healthy eating will make a huge difference in the way you feel, but can be difficult to get started on your own. Turn to Almond for 1-on-1 video consultations with dietitians that can help guide you to new eating habits. The consultations are a fraction of a cost of in office sessions and are convenient from your own home. Meet your own personal dietitian on for just $65 for a 30-minute consultation.


TRX fitness

We all dream of being in shape as swimsuit season rolls around. Now with TRX Home Suspension Training, achieving a fit and toned body has never been easier. Using just 8 simple motions, TRX Suspension Training helps you build muscle, become more flexible, and ultimately lose weight. What could be better? With the ability to use this system at home, in the office, or at the gym, fitness has never been easier or more accessible. Not to mention, the TRX Home Suspension Training System is extremely cost effective – costing less than a gym membership. Look your best during swimsuit season by checking out TRX‘s training equipment, accessories, apparel, and and workouts.


Inspyr Socks

Starting a new workout plan can be difficult. Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration. Inspyr Socks are the motivation you need to go that extra mile. Each pair of socks uses empowering words to uplift and get you going. Whether or not you need to train hard or just stay focused, Inspyr socks have the message you need. Inspyr socks are extremely comfortable, moisture wicking socks made in the USA. You can even get your own special workout mantra or team name on a pair of socks customized just for you! Inspyr socks are available in crew, ankle and in men, women and youth sizes. Starting at $8, they are a great addition to your summer workout plan. Available here.

Annie Chun Seaweed Crisps
Need a change up from your normal snacks? Annie Chun’s Crunchy Seaweed Crisps give you something extremely delicious and a different. Seaweed Crisps combine Annie Chun’s best-selling, Roasted Seaweed Snacks and layered them over hearty and crispy brown rice chips for a savory snack like no other. Every bite-size crisp is oven-baked, never fried and contains 80 calories per serving. A gluten free, 0g trans fat per serving and cholesterol free food, they will fit in your summer get fit life-style plan. Seaweed Crisps are available in 3 flavors, Original (this one reminds me of California Roll sushi) Cinnamon (nice and sweet) and Gochujang (an amazing red-chili flavoring!). Annie Chun’s Seaweed Crisps are available starting in July!


Summer Fun for Kids

play gym

Bring a little sunshine indoors this summer with HABA’s Rainbow Magic Play Gym. I’m not lying when I say that this play gym is every baby’s dream – soft plush padding, entertaining mirror raindrops, a colorful rattle sunshine, and interactive pull tabs. Laying underneath this colorful rainbow, your baby will stay entertained and captivated for long periods of time. My four-month-old daughter loves everything about HABA’s Rainbow Magic Play Gym; she enjoys staring at her reflection in the mirrors, crinkling the pull tabs on the side, and touching the different textures on the side of the rainbow. It’s pretty fun watching her smile and talk to the sunshine hanging above her. Not only is this play gym extremely entertaining, but I love that it can be cleaned easily. Simply throw the plush cloud pillow in the washer and it looks brand new. Talk about a funny summer past-time for your little one! Be sure to visit HABA for other entertaining, creative, and unique toys.


Strider Bike

Summer also means getting out of the house and trying new things. My toddler is eager to ride like her older siblings, but afraid of a pedal bike. Strider Balance Bikes are the best way for your little one to learn how to ride a bike. Strider Bikes help teach your child (as young as 18 months) how to balance, lean and steer without the worry of pedals. Once those techniques are mastered, your child can them move on to a pedal bike. Don’t worry, the Strider Bike is light enough for your toddler, but tough enough to handle any terrain.  Strider Bikes can be purchased at Strider or from retailers such as Amazon.


Bell Helmets

Keep the kids safe while they’re out playing on their bikes and trikes by making sure they wear a helmet. Bell Helmets has styles and assortments for both kids and adults. Like their Bell Blast helmet that mimics the style of their parents’ helmets with an easy hat fit snap adjustments that makes a perfect fit a snap. Or, give the kids style with a favorite character, like their line of Star Wars Helmets featuring the iconic characters. Adults can stay safe, too, with styles like the Manifold – a no-fuss super lightweight multi-sport helmet. Look for Bell Helmets at Walmart and Target!


Bleacher Creature

Baseball season and Summer go hand in hand. For some kids they live breath and eat baseball. They can also hug and cuddle their favorite players with Bleacher Creatures. Bleacher Creatures takes your favorite MLB player and transforms him into a lovable character. Our plush players are designed to inspire every baseball fan. Available in your favorite teams, Bleacher Creatures will make your baseball fan smile. Also available in NFL, NBA and superhero. Grab one before the big game at Bleacher Creatures.



It’s always fun to read during the summer. The fun series The Zoonicorns helps kids discover life lessons through imagination and adventure. They can read and then play with their favorite Zoonicorn characters. The books are full of beautiful pictures and fun stories, and they can continue the adventure with their very own Zoonicorn. Zoonicorns are adorable half zebra and have unicorn creatures sure to excite any little one in your life. 4 different Zoonicorns, each with a different personality are ready to take home and cuddle.


Minion Play Doh

There is nothing as fun as Play-Doh. The new Play-Doh Disquise Lab playset let’s kids take their favorite minion characters and give them crazy hair and fun accessories including their favorite banana. Kids can cut their hair (the only time we want them cutting hair!) and then start all over again. Includes base, chair, two character thimbles, scissors, comb and four cans of PLAYDOH compound. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and


Jurassic World Raptor

In the Summer time we always anxiously await the big summer blockbuster. This year, everyone knows it’s going to be Jurassic World. Dinosaur fever is sweeping my house thanks to the super fun Jurassic World Chomping Velociraptor head. Kids can turn their hand into a the ultimate predator. Snack on other dinosaurs or their younger sibling, The Chomping Velociraptor has been crazy fun. Kids may even eat their veggies if the velociraptor tells them too. Available from Hasbro, along with tons of other fun Jurassic World toys just in time for the movie premiere.

Summer heat and swimming usually means ponytails for your little girl. Snappee hair ties takes away the worry of snagging or pulling hair when removing. So much damage and breakage can occur when hair get wrapped around rubber bands. Save the tears of pulled hair by simply unsnapping. Snappee can be used as a ponytail holder, or even snapped together to make a super cute headband. Available in tons of fun colors to match any cute summer outfit, Snappee may become your best friend this summer!



Let your children explore this summer – wherever it may take them. Spend the night under the stars, plan a sleepover, or go camping together. Wherever the adventures take your family, Kid-O-Bunk is a perfect solution for bedtime away from home! The easy-to-assemble cot is made for ages 7-12 and can be configured as two individual cots, a sitting bench, or even stack them as a bunk bed to save floor space. It takes no tools to put together and just minutes! Each bunk can hold up to 200 lbs. Kid-O-Bunk also comes with side organizers for storage and a zippered carrying back to keep everything together.


Perfect Summer Finds for Adults

summer dish

When I think of summertime, I think of barbecues and summer parties. This means one thing – it’s time to entertain. Here to help with all of your summertime entertaining needs, Wendell August provides stunning bowls, plates, trays, and platters perfect for every get-together. Whether you are looking for something modern like the Waterfall Sonoma Bowl or classic like the Tracery Cheese Tray, you’ll impress every guest with Wendell August’s beautiful metal, hand-hammered pieces. These high-quality pieces truly shine and dress every table with eye catching beauty. Wendell August also offers many other metal products such as accessories, frames, mirrors, and more. Entertain this summer in style with Wendell August.



Take advantage of the summer months to tackle those projects long forgotten. Create family scrapbooks, make homemade birthday and thank you cards to get you through the rest of the year, or try a new creative project! Fiskars has a neat Tag Maker that can enhance your projects and help you get creative. When you’re done indoors, head outside and trim up the yard with their powerful PowerGear2 32″ Lopper. No matter which of these project you are ready to strike from your to-do list, visit Fiskars for school and crafting supplies and yard and gardening care.



Prepare for your endless summer adventures with cute, lightweight, airy, and comfortable shoes! Sandals and flats are perfect picks for summertime, like these cute crocheted flats that will give you that laid back vibe without being too casual. Clarks makes sandals, like the Pewter pair above, that are built for comfort without sacrificing on style. They have so many cute styles to choose from that will carry you from daytime on through to summer nights! ShoeBuy is a one-stop destination where you can find shoes for whatever the occasion. They offer free shipping and free returns with no minimums so you can feel confident you won’t get stuck with a pair of shoes that didn’t fit quite right.


urban armor gear

Wherever all your summer adventures take you, your phone is sure to come along. Keep your investment protected from drops and scratches to protect all the important information we all store on our phones. We use our phones so much daily for capturing family memories and connecting online and you’ll need a phone that works without a broken screen or completely busted phone. Urban Armor Gear creates high quality impact resistant phone cases for all the most popular cell phone models including iPhones and the popular Samsung Galaxy, S, and Note lines. Their cases have oversized tacticle buttons and an easy grip making it easy to use even with a case on. The cases also come with an HD screen protector to guard against scratches. Best of all, the case won’t interfere with your flash, audio, or ability to use the ports and screen. Visit Urban Armor Gear to find the case right for your phone.


lanternWe love to camp during the summer, and with little kids we know we need a strong and reliable lantern. The lantern is brought to the future with this awesome Bracketron SmartLantern. SmartLantern is a rechargeable powerful LED lantern that gives you the light you need, and can provide you with the power to charge a mobile device. Easily charged with a USB cable, you can even add SmartLantern to your emergency kit, since you can even use it as a flashlight. The perfect gift for a tech-savvy camper, and great for backpacking because of it’s compact size.  Available from Bracketron.



Speaking of the tech-savvy camper! This summer, make your backpacking trip a bit easier…and hotter with the ThinkGeek PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator. Converts any heat source directly into power to cook food, heat up water or charge USB-powered devices. A great science lesson as well as a great way to heat water over a stove, campfire or even a hot spring. Waterproof and fire-resistant, it is the coolest accessory for the avid camper or backpacker. Available from ThinkGeek.

Which product will help with your Summer Adventure?

donna richie

Friday 17th of July 2015

this would work well PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator

Karen Nadeau

Friday 17th of July 2015

The sunscreen looks like it would work well.


Friday 17th of July 2015

I would love a new pair of Clarks sandals from --Clarks are so comfy and they last for several seasons.


Friday 17th of July 2015

That PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator is great!


Friday 17th of July 2015

I love the Kid-O-Bunk! How cook and handy is that!

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