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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

Running a home can be overwhelming. Between kids, and jobs, and bills, cooking, and cleaning, there is always something to be done. Over the past few years I have found a few tips things that keep our household running smoothly. Now that our two oldest are in school I feel like I have to be more on top of things than ever. It only takes a day of slacking off for things to fall apart for how busy we are. Here are my best tips and tricks to stay on top of things.

I received compensation for this post, all ideas and opinions are my own.

How to keep your home running smoothly and effectively with little extra effort on your part. You've got to add these simple tricks that make all the difference in managing your home.

Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Decide what day you will clean bathrooms. What day you will vacuum. What day you will do laundry. Or maybe a little bit of everything everyday works better for you. Great! Figure out a schedule that works for you and stick to it!


Plan your meals. This will save you time and money. Each week I take inventory of what we have in our fridge and pantry and I make a meal plan. This makes sure that we use what we have before it expires and that I only buy what we really need.

Take Care of the Mail. Was anybody else caught off guard about the amount of paper that comes into a household? This one is the hardest for me to keep up with, but when I make sure to go through the mail immediately, somehow all of my counter tops stay tidy longer. Clutter just leads to chaos.


Teamwork. Everyone who lives in your home can help! Even the smallest of tenants can do simple things like clean up toys. Establishing rules and guidelines make it life run smoother for everyone.

Lists. Make a list for Everything. Seriously. Grocery lists, cleaning lists, to-do list, fix-it lists. Lists help me keep my life together and I have a secret weapon. I swear by my WeDo App.


The WeDo App is a list app that has everything you have ever wanted in a list app. WeDo is about so much more than making lists. It is like my backup brain. In WeDo I can make a list of things I have to do at specific times, then I can set up reminders. When I need to be somewhere or need to remember to bring something with me somewhere, WeDo reminds me! Say goodbye to forgotten permission slips. Never miss an extra ballet practice. Did you forget you signed up to take dinner to a neighbor family? Nope, because WeDo reminded you!

WeDo can keep track of several lists for you at a time. The feature that really sets it apart from other list apps is the ability to fully collaborate on lists with other groups of people. Planning a family reunion? You can create a list of what needs to be done, add all your family members, and even chat back and forth with them inside the app. This feature has been a huge lifesaver at our house. My husband and I can create a list of things we know have to happen that week in our family. Then we can chat as the week goes on about those items inside the app while he is at work. Together we get some much more done and this is a very easy way to communicate and keep everything in the same spot.


WeDo keeps track of everything for me. I have lists for home, for work, for groceries, for volunteer work, for birthdays, and even for an upcoming family wedding. It is so nice to have a place to keep everything and because its on my phone it is always with me. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that! Plus, it is easy and intuitive to use and pretty to look at! You can download WeDo for FREE from the App Store for iOS devices. If you have an Android device WeDo is coming to you soon. Sign up to get an email when it is ready!

What do you do to keep your house running smoothly?

Autumn Reo

Sunday 4th of September 2016

I'm in Love! I want this so bad! I have my ways but this makes it so easy!

Lena Burkut

Friday 2nd of September 2016

Such a clever idea. I need to check it out, cause my life is a messy mess

Elizabeth Lampman

Friday 2nd of September 2016

I am always looking for ways to help my house run smoothly. I will have to try a few of these great tips. With back to school our house is about to get hectic.

Amy Desrosiers

Friday 2nd of September 2016

I like writing my lists out by hand. Maybe if I had a cool app like this I would change over.

Janis @MommyBlogExpert

Friday 2nd of September 2016

I hate cleaning and am the worst housekeeper ever. But thanks to your tips, I can up my game a little bit and make it easier, too.

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