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Spring Organization with Magna Memos

I received a Magna Memo board in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I know I’m not the only one who has a specific place in their home that is completely disastrous and unorganized. For me, the hardest place to keep intact is my bathroom vanity. I’m completely embarrassed to show you this picture, but here’s a little glimpse at my “getting ready” station:


To be honest, as the week goes on, this area becomes even messier. As spring is in the air, I have a resolution to find ways to stay organized. Thanks to Magna Memos incredible memo boards, my vanity area has never looked better (or more organized).


Magna Memos’ versatile memo boards provide many ways to keep your home clean and uncluttered. Not only are these memo boards magnetic, but they also have a dry erase surface – how cool is that? Whether you choose to use Magna Memos’ boards to organize your pictures, recipes, make “to-do” lists, or leave messages, there is a Magna Memo perfect for everyone.



I am in love with my Humming Bird Design Magna Memo; what a fun and unique design to usher in the beauty of spring. Because this 14 X 14 Magna Memo works wonders as a magnet board, check out how I used it to organize my bathroom. Want to create a similar Magnetic Makeup Organization Board? Here’s how I did it:


Magnetic Makeup Organization Board

Materials Needed:

– Magnets (make sure they are heavy duty to be able to hold the weight)
– Magna Memo Board
– Hot glue


1. Gather all of the makeup you use on a daily basis.
2. Hot glue magnets to the back of your makeup.
3. Place makeup on magnetic board (I used locker organizers to hold all of my brushes).
4. Enjoy a clutter free bathroom.

Here are a few other ideas if you’re looking for a fun way to organize your bathroom:


Magna Memos’ Humming Bird Design is the perfect backdrop for my magnetic makeup board; not I’ve enjoyed all of the extra counter space in my bathroom. Magna Memos’ dry erase and magnetic boards are extremely fashionable, sturdy, and hang easily. With so many fun uses, Magna Memos are the perfect way to get more organized for spring.

Organize your home this spring using Magna Memo‘s Hummingbird Memo Board ($45).