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Easy Canvas Prints Review

I received an Easy Canvas Print in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I LOVE pictures! Although I am not a fantastic photographer (okay, I have no clue to how take a good picture), I thoroughly enjoy finding meaning and significance in every photo. Around the time of my son’s first birthday, I decided that I wanted some professional family pictures taken. Although we hired a great photographer, taking the pictures was a total nightmare. My normally “happy-go-lucky” son was nothing by tantrums and tears. This picture pretty much sums up our day:


Photo credit: Lindsay Barker, I heart photography

Although taking family pictures was like pulling teeth, I have so many funny memories related to this photo session; I’m so pleased that I found such a fun way to display these family photos with Easy Canvas Prints.

Turn your favorite photos into canvas art through Easy Canvas Prints. With many different ways to customize your canvas print, you will enjoy hanging these beautiful pictures in your living room, office, bedroom, etc.


Photo Credit: Lindsay Barker, I heart photography

As I mentioned earlier, I was more than thrilled to create a canvas print for my home. Ordering and customizing my print was extremely easy. To start the process, I logged onto After selecting “start a canvas”, I chose the size and depth of canvas I preferred. Because I wanted a large canvas print to hang in my master bedroom, I chose the 16″ X 20″ X .75″. After selecting the perfect picture, Easy Canvas Prints allowed me to select a boarder; because I didn’t want the picture to wrap around the edges, I chose a mirror boarder. With various photo-shop options (black and white, sepia, etc) you can customize your canvas print to perfection.


I absolutely LOVE how my canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints turned out. My crystal clear canvas hangs perfectly above my bed; I amazed at the unblemished and detailed image. To be honest, I was worried that because I ordered such a big print, the picture would turn out grainy. However, the canvas print turned out perfect! I love that this canvas print is extremely light yet sturdy; it is extremely well made. Help memories last by turning your favorite photos into canvas prints.

Decorate the walls of your home with canvas prints ($67.06 for 16″ X 20″) from Easy Canvas Prints. Be sure to visit for more product information.