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Video Projectors at Home

Nowadays it’s not necessary to be extremely rich to afford a quality home theater projector for your studio or entertainment room. Over the last few years, the prices of many projectors destined for home have dramatically dropped in price while adding a few extras like 3D capabilities (for both HD and std definition) and nifty lens shifts. Devices with 1080p native resolution can now be acquired for less than a $900 USD, and those that offer many other features do not sell for much more than that.

video projectors

These devices are primarily designed for use inside a room solely for projecting video or still images. This usually involves very dark conditions, so home theater projectors don’t have to be as bright as home entertainment models. Some home entertainment devices often have to struggle with the room’s natural lightning. Another drawback of some home theater projectors is that they lack built in audio, as their owners often prefer to use separate high quality systems. Many of these devices are able to display HD video and images in 2D or 3D. The image quality rarely disappoints.

Many of the budget home theater projectors usually make some strong compromises in favor of features and performance, but should be more than adequate for all but the most elitist enthusiasts. There are even some devices that can function as home entertainment projectors suitable for use inside a studio or a family room as well. Keep in mind that these models tend to be brighter to make up for the fair amount of ambient light. This is one of the main reasons why entertainment projectors have becoming a viable alternative to LED or LCD HDTVs. Some of these projectors will also have built in speakers to provide a great audio experience.

With home theater projector prices at such affordable prices, without affecting features or quality, there hasn’t been a better time to invest in these devices, as various home cinema projectors from It is the easiest way to capture many of the same things a trip to the movie theater offers. The good news is that with a home theater projector you can get almost there without any extra hassle at all.  Remember that the only important requirement is having a suitable room with just the right amount of darkness.

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Rita Spratlen

Sunday 17th of March 2013

We don't have one but I bet it would be nice. Thanks for sharing and it would be nice for sure!

Debbie Welchert

Friday 15th of March 2013

I would love to have a home projector but they are so expensive. It would make family night so fun. Maybe some day I'll get one.

Tammy Schiff

Friday 15th of March 2013

I would love to have a video projector. I have seen some that even work outside. I would really love one of those. Think how fun it would be to have family movie night outside.

Jamie Howe

Thursday 14th of March 2013

I guess I'm a bit behind on the electronics I still don't even have a flat screen tv. lol.

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