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Exclusive Cell Phone Service Opportunity with Great Incentives!

Cell phones are such a lifeline now giving us a way to communicate, socialize, find directions on the go, multitask, find entertainment, and so much more. However, cell phone companies can bring a lot of limitations, surprisingly huge bills, and extensive contracts and rules. I have had a lot of negative experiences with cell phone service providers in the past. When we moved to Phoenix our provider at the time had very limited service in our town and I was left with the only option of paying a hefty cancellation fee to get out of my contract for a phone that wasn’t able to give me quality service that I could count on. I’ve also experienced several occasion as part of a family plan where one family member goes way over the minutes and we all end up paying an extremely high cell phone bill that is really difficult when you stick to a set budget for your family. Cell phone bills can be one of the most expensive monthly bills you receive, usually right behind your mortgage and your car payment. It’s frustrating to see a big bill and yet feel like there is no way around it since cell phones have become almost essential in this day and age.


Introducing a New Cell Phone Service for Savings!

Cell Phone SavingsA brand new service is now available that will let you create your own cell phone plan with just the amount of minutes, texts, and data you need with huge savings! You can eliminate the contracts, commitments, and the pre-made plans and get just the services you need. If you are used to a family plan, you’ll love seeing that you can use this service as a single user or split a plan amongst family, 100 employees, or whatever you need. No more limiting a plan to just 5 users. Phones can be limited to hours of use for your children or set limits on minutes, text and other services. All of this translates to HUGE savings!

cell phone service savings

This service would be perfect for my family to finally break off from our parents’ family plan and not have to worry about paying them our portion of the bill. We could get just what we need for less than our current portion of the bill. My husband and I would likely only need 700 minutes, 1000 texts, and 2 GB of data. Selecting these options would save us money and give us the flexibility of even more minutes, text, and data only when we need it. Plus, I LOVE that no contract is required so we can add new lines or remove them as needed!


Exclusive Benefits for Joining Today!

This service is being opened up to limited number of customers as part of a private Beta program. As readers, you have an exclusive opportunity to join the beta service. Here are some important details and incentive details about joining the Beta program. Customers who accept their invitation to participate in the beta program will receive:

  • 80% discount on phones during the purchase window
  • $100 credit if they transfer their number during March 2013
  • $100 credit if they participate in 3 online surveys (~10 minutes each) and one phone/skype interview about their experience during the Beta.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Beta Program

  1. Can I cancel?
    Yes. You can cancel anytime. If you choose to cancel during the Beta, we will send you a box to return the device, and we’ll compensate you for your time.
  2. Am I obligated to buy?
    Nope. Signing up will get you an invitation with all the details and access to join. If you choose not to, there’s no obligation.
  3. Requirements to Participate in the Beta Program:
    • Use the phone as your main mobile phone
    • Do not discuss or disclose information about the Beta publicly
    • Do not re-sell the phones during the Beta


Sign Up for the Exclusive Beta Service here!


This article is sponsored by Innovative Mobile Company.

sandy weinstein

Monday 1st of April 2013

i have had the same prepaid cell phone service for over 12 yrs. i am not a big phone user and it is the least expensive plan for me. i think the cell phone plans are so confusing, with all of the different companies, i hear my friends complaining all the time. i dont have a business so i dont really need an expensive plan. i am amazed when i see kids with the latest iphone, tablets, pc....and the parents are complaining abt the expense....i see even 5/6 yrs olds with expensive cell phones and am thinking what is wrong w/ their parents....what little kid needs an expensive cell are really paying for the cell phone anyway, after 2 yrs it is paid can get a prepaid plan and buy an expensive phone for abt minutes rollover and you can get bonus minutes as well by looking on line for codes....

Beeb Ashcroft

Tuesday 26th of March 2013

I like the idea of being able to customize and say, go heavier on the data rather than texting. Thanks for the info!


Tuesday 26th of March 2013

I have been reading about this service a lot. It sounds like a good one.

Andrea Hatfield

Tuesday 26th of March 2013

Wow! What a great savings.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

Tuesday 26th of March 2013

It's a huge savings over most plans, absolutely HUGE!

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