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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is always a great reminder to get our homes clean and organized again! Letting in some of that daylight and getting motivated to get around to some of those jobs we don’t do on a regular basis can help us feel great about our homes again even if we do have a few more weeks being stuck mostly indoors.


Spring Cleaning Checklist - Odd Jobs You Might Forget

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Change your Air Filters. Of course, this is something that needs to be done several times throughout the year, but it’s an important thing to remember.
  • Area Rugs are often overlooked as an important part of your Spring Cleaning routine.  Rugs can trap in a lot of dirt, dust and pet hair. Area rug cleaning can help get your rug back to looking like new again and can even help to eliminate odors and allergens by eliminating the different particles tracked into your home and onto your rugs.
  • Wash your Shower Curtain and Liner – Some liners can be washed in your washing machine. If yours can’t, just give it a good washing in the bathtub our out back with a hose to remove soap buildup and keep the liner fresh.
  • Go through your Closets! Move out old clothes you no longer wear and pack away the heavy jackets and sweaters you won’t use again until fall to give you more room in your closet.
  • Wash Those Windows! You will love letting in the sunlight with freshly cleaned windows!
  • Clear out the Toy Baskets – With Christmas now three month’s behind us, it’s a great time to go through the toy baskets and get rid of toys with broken or missing parts or that are no longer getting use. You can toss, donate, or even just rotate out the toys.
  • Check the Medicine Cabinet – The worst of Cold & Flu season is behind us. Now is a good time to go through your medicine cabinet and clear out old or expired medicines and take stock on what you might be low on after any bugs you caught through the sick season.
  • Empty the Freezer Bins – Take the time to go through your freezer (and deep freezer if you have one) and plan a few meals around the foods that really need to be eaten. Get rid of extra packaging that’s not needed and take inventory of what’s been hiding at the bottom of the bin. Time to use up what’s been hanging out or move out what won’t be used.

You can take just a few minutes each day for a week and tackle some of these projects to help get your home in order for Spring. Plus, you’ll be able to show off your Spring Cleaning checklist to friends and be proud of the fact that you actually got around to cleaning this year!

What areas of your home are often missed that you plan to focus on as part of your personal Spring Cleaning checklist this year?

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Thursday 25th of April 2013

Thanks for these great ideas! Definitely things that need done in my home! Adding them to my list today!

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