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10 Holiday Survival Tips!

How do you survive the holidays? I love the Holiday season but I certainly do agree that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out if you fall behind in your planning, or take on too much. I know I’m already feeling how busy this holiday season is going to be for me, and I won’t even be traveling for Christmas this year, like we normally do!! Here are some of my tips to survive the Holidays!

10 Holiday Survival Tips

1. Make a Shopping Plan – If you write out what you would like to get for gifts for those on your list you will avoid over buying and also save time while in the stores and keep you from wandering the aisles. Of course you can always change your plans based on sales but it’s a great starting point.2. Check your list twice! Make a list of all those you want to get gifts for and check over it to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone. If you have everyone in mind early you won’t be stuck shopping last minute!

3. Shop Early! You can get great deals all year long and lots of great deals on Black Friday weekend as well. If you get all your shopping done before December not only will your finances not be as stressed the last several weeks of the year.

4. Don’t overdo it! Keep your commitments to a minimum so you don’t get overwhelmed and end up not enjoying the season. Be sure to say no if you have too much on your plate!

5. Ask for help/delegate! If you want to have a holiday party or be in charge of thanksgiving dinner, for example, be sure to have guests help or divy up the tasks or cooking list!

6. Party Plan EARLY – If you want to have any holiday parties pick your date early and stick to it. Get out invitations early as plans come up quickly and there are lots of different things going on at the end of the year.

7. Traveling Tips – If you will be traveling for the holidays pack early so you’re not stressed with packing on top of busy holiday traveling! You can get a lot of things packed up, or at least set aside a week before your travel date and then pack all the things that you use daily last minute.

8. Get a good holiday movie to distract the kids! 🙂 When you need to distract the kids for you to get wrapping done, or tidy up from holiday parties, put on a fun holiday themed movie for the kids to help them get in the spirit of the season!

9. Set a date on your calender for Christmas Decorations. The first weekend in December usually works well, or many people decorate just after Thanksgiving. Put aside at least a few hours so you can get all the decorations up and ready in one setting.

10. Get your Christmas Cards/Letters ready early. You can hold off on mailing them, but there are things you can get done early! Have envelopes addresses, Christmas letters typed up and ready, and steps like this will make it really easy to get those letters out!

What great tips do you have for surviving the holidays? Do you do any of the tips I mentioned? When do you usually shop for gifts? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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