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Thoughts on finding out baby’s gender!!

I am now 19 weeks pregnant (as of Saturday) and I have an ultrasound scheduled for this friday April 16th. My Sister-in-Law is 2 weeks behind me and they’ve decided (this is baby #2) they aren’t going to find out the sex of the baby at their ultrasound this time around.

My husband wanted to have the gender be a surprise since our first baby. So now I’m wondering.. should I find out?

Obviously this is still our decision to make but I’m just curious as to the thoughts of all you out there reading my blog! Should we keep the baby’s gender a surprise?

  1. Did you find out?
  2. What did you like about your experience (Finding out or not finding out)
  3. What would you do the next time around and how come?

I talked to my sweet friend who got me into Natural and Homebirth last pregnancy and asked her what she did just to get some feedback. She told me she didn’t find out ahead of time for any of her 3 kids. She said it was just so awesome when you’re in that last rough bit of labor and you’re getting tired and not feeling your best and you have something so neat to look forward to.

And then the baby’s born and you’re looking down at them and you’re just like “Ah!” And then you look and like “OH! It’s a GIRL!” and was telling me how it was just such an emotional and awesome experience! Of course being preggo I am emotional and started getting teary! 🙂

I have 2 boys so I have ALL the boy things I could need. I also have a little bit of girl stuff as I bought some things at garage sales and craigslist before I found out. I doubt I’ll have a baby shower, I didn’t have one for baby 2. So as far as that go it probably doesn’t really matter. It would be nice to have the RIGHT set of clothes out.. but still, probably not a big deal.

I kind of think not finding out will make this pregnancy go faster. It has gone so fast so far once I got past morning sickness (which was HORRIBLE this time!) Anyways, I’d love your thoughts and feedback on the subject!

I posted a poll for fun – What do you think we are having?

Boy, Girl, or Go for a SURPRISE!

(Of course we’ll still be having either a boy or a girl.. but if we do decided to wait to find out I’m sure I’ll post another poll towards the end of the pregnancy).

Also thanks for all the feedback on my blog template. I made some adjustments based on the feedback! I think it’s much easier to read with the inner background a solid rather then the transparent so thanks!

Heidi Gail Richhart

Saturday 24th of April 2010

Okay so obviously i have never been pregnant before. But, my opinion is that while i get that people like to wait so they can have that extra special exeperience in childbirth. I think it's good and i know i would want to know. Just for a couple of reasons #1. the obvious reason is so you can start planning and prepearing better by buying clothes etc. and you can plan the nursery. and #2. I know for me i think i would go nuts if i didn't know. Not that i am putting anyone down as i am not. I just want to express my "2 cents". Good Luck!

Adi ^_^

Thursday 15th of April 2010

I am of the "find out" camp. I guess a large part of it for me is that I have this random aversion to people (even me) referring to my baby as an "it." I like to find out so that I can at least start calling my baby him or her if not by name.I also have to have bunches of ultrasounds, so I figure if I find out, I won't have to worry about the technician spilling the beans.However, my sister never finds out. She feels that there are so few genuine surprises in life, that she wants to enjoy this one.


Wednesday 14th of April 2010

I found out with all three and plan to find out with future pregnancies. For me, knowing what the gender and how best to plan and shop for baby is really what gets me through that last trimester. Plus, it helps me feel like I know my baby that much more. I figure there's so many surprises that come with a new baby (looks, personality, etc) that I'll allow myself the one early luxury of knowing the gender :)


Wednesday 14th of April 2010

Well, I personally had to find out as soon as possible :-p We were pretty sure they were both girls, but weren't completely sure because during every ultrasound, they were little ladies and kept crossing their legs, making it hard to see for sure :-p All the same, I loved shopping for outfits and all for them, while I was still pregnant. When the nesting instinct set in, I knew exactly what to buy! :-DBTW--Congratulations!!


Tuesday 13th of April 2010

I have eight kids and never had an ultrasound at all until the sixth pregnancy, when we were expecting twins. We did not want to know the genders, but could not help but notice boy parts--big as day. We still wanted the other twin to be a surprise at first, but then just went ahead and found she was a girl. Then with the eighth we had to have lots of ultrasounds, and all our friends kept asking the gender. We got curious and just had them tell us.Personally, I really like waiting until the birth. Especially with a home birth, and with a midwife who doesn't blurt it out, it really is an intimate part of meeting this new soul in my life.

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