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SOLO Cup Brand Review

I received SOLO Cup samples and compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

This past week, we went to a scouts fundraiser at our church. The boys put together a Spaghetti dinner and admission and dinner was just $10 per family. Then, they hosted an auction with donated items and services from members of the church. It was a really fun activity. At one point, though, a scene played out right before my eyes, almost in slow motion, as I couldn’t act fast enough to help the scene as it unfolded. A young girl from my church had a loaded plate with spaghetti and her sides.

She was trying very carefully to carry her plate back to her table. She looked away for a second as her plate bent inward and forward and all of her spaghetti she had tried so hard to protect ended up right onto the floor. I watched as both her dad and grandpa tried to stop the food from falling and none of us could help what inevitably happened. The poor girl was so upset and crying feeling like she had made a big mess and lost all of her food. Of course, her parents got her a new plate of food and helped clean up the mess and it wasn’t the end of the world. However, the scene that happened that night isn’t something that is abnormal.

We use disposable plates to be able to save us both time and energy as we don’t need to put in all the extra work involved to wash a ton of dishes after our party. When one of these all-to-often scenes happens where the plate breaks, bends, spills the food, or even absorbs through the plate leaving a mess for the recipient we end up not saving any time at all and instead end up with a different kind of mess on our hand. One that can sometimes even leave a damper on the party. That’s why, it is very important to use high quality disposable plates. There is absolutely a different between the bottom of the line paper plates and heavy duty paper or plastic plates like are available from SOLO Cup.

SOLO Cup Squared

The SOLO Cup brand has a variety of product offerings, from Heavy Duty paper products to their Squared product line that includes innovative and durable plastic products. We’ve used their paper products frequently in the past and really depend on the quality and thickness the SOLO Heavy Duty paper plates offer. Their Squared product line has unique cups that are square shaped at the bottom making them much easier to hold and cups with a lid and straw for the little ones at the party. The plates are easier to hold and use with spots to hold on built into the design and deeper sides to make it easier to scoop up all the fruit and salads at your next barbecue!