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Simple Stroller Rental Makes Florida Rentals Easy

I received a complimentary stroller rental during my family vacation to Florida. Affiliate links are used below. All opinions are my own.

When we started planning our family vacation to Florida, there was a lot of things we needed to plan for. A place to stay, what attractions we wanted to visit, we even looked up maps and directions. With our four little boys in tow on our trip, one of the key things we knew we would need along with us is a double stroller.

I thought about bringing mine along, but then decided it would be more work that it was worth getting the stroller through the airport since I had bags to wrangle as well. Instead of messing with bring along ours, I wore my youngest in a baby carrier and marched my way right on through security with all four boys and just a single carry-on bag – by myself! My husband was traveling the week before so he met us in Florida.

Simple Strollers Rental Review (Custom)

We spent our trip staying at one of the beautiful Global Resort Homes large vacation homes. Our stroller rental from Simple Stroller Rental was there waiting for us when we arrived. When you reserve your stroller, you simply put in the address where you will be staying and the stroller is delivered to you the morning specified and delivery is free! Since we had a lot of baggage, had I brought my stroller along, it would not have even fit in our car! It was yet another reason I was glad we ended up renting a stroller. I was really glad to see how clean and in good repair the stroller was!

Simple Stroller Review

We received the City Mini Double to use and review during our stay. This stroller drives really smooth and is pretty light and compact for a double stroller. It very comfortably fit our 1, 3, and 5 year old boys. My 7 year old hopped in for a ride a couple of times as well and fit the stroller fine, too. They all wanted to be the lucky ones to get to go for a ride in the stroller. Everyday, it was a constant juggle of which kid got to have a turn to ride! Some of the time I carried my nearly 1 year old in the baby carrier, but Florida is humid so he rode a lot of the time, too. Most of the time, our stroller looked like this:

Simple Strollers Rental Review (Custom)This stroller worked fabulously for our trip! It had the room we needed for our kids without being overly heavy. The shades are enormous which gave enough coverage from the heat of the sun for the kids so they stayed comfortable and cool throughout the day. The first day of our trip, we were greeted with tons and tons of rain.

Simple Stroller Rental had included a complimentary rain shield, but I didn’t realize it would rain. Even without the rain shield, the large shades completely covered the kids so they stayed dry, even though I ended up soaked! The parent console made it really easy to access our phones, drinks, and other things. Plus, we often loaded up the stroller with the other “things” you need to take along with you to the parks so none of us had to carry a thing as we walked from one ride to the next.

Simple Stroller Rentals Review

At the end of the trip, our stroller was picked up from our home by Simple Stroller Rental with their free return pickup service which simplified our ability to get out the door and on our way to the airport. We didn’t need to be there for the pickup and in fact we were loading up our suitcase into the car as someone came by to pickup the stroller rental. The whole process was so incredibly easy and stress-free that it really made our trip more enjoyable. Plus, it saved us a TON of money over renting strollers each day at the park and was way more convenient since we could use the stroller to get the kids to and from the park with ease.


Simple Stroller Rental

Simple Stroller Rental services central Florida with delivery available to hotels, resorts and private residences within 15 miles of Walt Disney World. You can easily browse their selection and view availability with their booking calendar to ensure you have the stroller you’ll need on your vacation without any hassle. Stroller rentals start at just $5/per day with an initial $15 charge that includes free delivery and return as well as a free parent console to use with your stroller rental.