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MOTORWORKS by Manhattan Toy Review

I received EXX Atomic Rider 2.0 with the Top Fuel 2.0 Accessory kit in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

We have more cars than we know what to with at our house. Each time we go to the grocery store, instead of buying my toddler a treat for being well behaved, he gets a new car. They are cheap and better for his health. He adores his cars and will spend hours lining them up and organizing them. I have been on the lookout for a car that was new and unique to give him. I wanted something completely different from all the cars he already has and I finally found a great addition for his collection!


Manhattan Toy brings us MOTORWORKS, a line of customizable vehicles, accessories, and play sets. The car bodies are made from European Beech wood. They have a convertible chassis and great snap on accessories. Some of the add-ons include ground effects, custom wheels, side pipes and spoilers for easy snap-fit onto any vehicle’s chassis. Kids have all creative control and can turn a snazzy coupe into a monster vehicle or create a low-riding street rod into a police cruiser with just a quick swap-out.


My son was lucky enough to try out the EXX Atomic Rider 2.0 with the Top Fuel 2.0 Accessory kit. The EXX Atomic Rider 2.0 is an extreme styled monster truck with large lifted wheels. It can hold its own, but was so much fun to customize further with the Top Fuel 2.0 Accessory Kit. This particular accessory kit includes 1 rear spoiler, 1 front spoiler, 1 monster axle, 1 front-end adaptor, 2 custom monster wheels, 2 custom wheels and 2 header pipes.


These parts are rather small so we still enforce supervised play with our kids, but my almost three-year-old can change the parts on his own. He thinks it is so much fun to be able to move parts on his new car around and play with all the different options, and his daddy thinks it is pretty cool too!


MOTORWORKS vehicles are so unique and different from our other toy cars, I can’t wait to grab some more sets and cars to add to our collection. One of the best things about these cars are their affordable price points. Prices for parts start at just $5.00 and increase from there. See the rest of the vehicles at You can purchase MOTORWORKS here and here.