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Coconut Beech’s Chic Nautical Mirror

I received a nautical mirror in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I am obsessed with finding fun and unique home decor pieces to dress the walls of my abode. Every so often, I come across home decor that I just know I can’t live without; that’s exactly how I felt when I found Coconut Beech‘s Rope Nautical Mirror. Combining chic modern design with a touch of coastal living, this Nautical Mirror is a must for every home decor fanatic.


Looking for a way to bring a little piece of the beach to your home? Coconut Beech’s X-large 24 inch Nautical Mirror is just for you! With the ability to customize this Nautical Mirror’s rope and boat cleat color, this mirror will match your home decor perfectly. Whether you choose to hang this chic mirror in your bathroom, child’s nursery, or family room, you will instantly become smitten with Coconut Beech’s Rope Nautical Mirror.

PicMonkey Collapige

I absolutely adore Coconut Beech’s Rope Nautical Mirror. I have this mirror hanging in my family room where everyone can see its beauty and unique design. Every time company enters my home, they always comment on this chic mirror’s fun design. I have never seen a mirror like this; that’s why I love this Nautical Mirror’s one-of-a-kind appearance. I love the fact that it hangs from a boat cleat; how genius is that? I chose a light gray distressed cleat so that it would match the rest of my decor in my family room. I appreciate this Nautical Mirror’s sturdy structure – it truly is very well made. In the future, I want to create a beach themed bathroom using Coconut Beech’s Nautical Mirror as the inspiration for my design. Here are a few other Coconut Beech themed design pieces I would love to have in my home one day:


How fun would it be to hang the towels in your bathroom from these multicolored boat cleats?


Dress the walls of your home with Coconut Beech’s unique beach themed decor. For 15% off your Coconut Beech purchase, use promo code COCONUT. For more information concerning Coconut Beech’s X-large Rope Nautical Mirror ($59.99), be sure to visit Coconut Beech.