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10 Reasons To Say Thank You With A Note

I have a humiliating story to tell. Eight years ago I married the man of my dreams, and we had a beautiful wedding. It was so fun to be surrounded by so many people that we love! We were so blessed to receive so many gifts that helped us start our lives together. After we got home from our honeymoon I handmade over 100 thank you cards and we spent a few days filling them in. That’s not the embarrassing part.


We never mailed them. In fact, since then we have moved five times and I have brought them with us to each home. I just threw them away last week in preparation for our next move. It is so embarrassing and I am so sad I never mailed them. Plus, I have serious guilt.

Since then I have tried really hard to make sure I send thank you cards when I receive gifts. I hate to admit that I am still REALLY bad at it. We just welcomed our 3rd baby to the world and as I was looking at baby announcements from Minted I realized that they also carry thank you notes!! Talk about making life easier for people like me!



If I have a card on hand, writing and sending a note is much easier. Here are 10 more reasons to send a thank you card, so go ahead and order as many as you want:

  1. To tell someone what an amazing friend they are.
  2. To tell a parent or grandparent how much they mean to you.
  3. Someone brought you an unexpected gift.
  4. To your spouse for something as simple as taking out the trash or just being amazing.
  5. Someone brought you dinner or did you a favor.
  6. To slip in your kids’ backpack or lunch box reminding them how grateful you are to have them in your life.
  7. A friend watched your kids.
  8. Thank someone who is a good example/mentor to you.
  9. For your kids’ teachers.
  10. Someone you have done business with (like a realtor or hair dresser).

I think the art of sending real mail has fallen through the cracks, and everyone loves getting stuff in the mail! Maybe we can all try to be a little better at expressing our gratitude and make someone else’s day in the process.

Minted can make it easier for all of us! If you need a creative way to share birth details or graduation, or to say thank you, be sure to visit Minted!

When was the last time you mailed announcements or thank you notes?

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katrina g

Thursday 7th of May 2015

i love the personalized ones with your daughter! very cute. thank you notes are fun.

valerie g

Thursday 7th of May 2015

great ideas! i love sending thank you notes, so much fun and we get to be really creative.

Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations

Thursday 7th of May 2015

OMG, I love this! Such pretty ways to say thank-you!


Wednesday 6th of May 2015

THose are great cards! I should really bedoing more thank you notes!

Stefani Tolson

Wednesday 6th of May 2015

These are some cute cards. It is always nice to receive a thank you card.

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