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Road Trip in our Sienna

#Endorsed – I am part of the Toyota #SiennaDiaries blogging team on behalf of TMS/USA. I will be test driving this 2014 Toyota Sienna through the end of 2013. All opinions are my own.

This past weekend, we went on a short road trip up to Flagstaff, Arizona in our Toyota Sienna. It’s just a quick 2.5 hour drive up north from Phoenix but it feels a world away. As you drive up into the mountains, the weather changes and we saw SNOW! It may not have been huge piles of snow, but it was enough that we stopped for 15 minutes to throw snowballs at each other, which the kids loved!

Pine Trees Snow

On our way home the next morning, we woke up to a super foggy morning, it looked pretty cool, how white the sky looked, you could see just a few hundred yards. I hadn’t seen fog like this in years!!

Foggy Road

We took the scenic route home and drove through Sedona, one of the most beautiful place in Arizona! I also love seeing the gorgeous red rock scenery everywhere you look surrounded by trees. This area here we drove up to the base of the mountain was all residential, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a home with this as your view?

Sedona Housing

We thought about stopping for a quick hike, but we couldn’t figure out how long the hike was and our youngest two were sleeping at this point, so we just soaked in the scenery from our car.  The view was worth the small detour, isn’t it stunning?

Sienna in Sedona

After Sedona, we headed on through Jerome which is such a unique and interesting town, all of the homes and buildings are built right on the side of the mountain and you weave and wind back and forth through the town. There is no way I could live there, I’m pretty sure I would have a heart attack trying to drive around that town with all of it’s cliffs and teeny windy roads. It was really interesting to drive through, though. I had been wanting to see Jerome for years now, so I got to check that off my bucket list of places to visit in Arizona. Finally, we wound down through Prescott, stopped for lunch, and then made our way home.

Sienna Road Trip

Throughout our whole trip, about 350 miles over the two days, everyone was very comfy. Since there is lots of room, even for the kids in the back, they were all happy in their spots. The built-in entertainment center was a life saver! We put on fun Christmas movies on our drive and all of the kids had a blast watching the Grinch, Frosty, and other favorites while we drove.

If you’re looking for a great, reliable car that is perfect for family road trips, check out the new 2014 Toyota Sienna!

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Monday 23rd of December 2013

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