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Protecting Your School Gear

I started stocking up on all of our school supplies last week including buying school uniforms, pencils and crayons, backpacks, even new sets of socks and underwear. All the things they would need to be ready for the first day of school that starts in early August here in Arizona. Last year was my son’s first year of school. I remember him losing sweaters and water bottles a few times throughout the year. Luckily, at his age, it’s not anything too expensive or important. Still, it’s best to keep his personal belongings safe.

To help protect my son’s belongings we take a few precautionary measures. We always start by labeling everything he has with a black sharpie so that it is easier to locate his items if they are lost amongst the sea of lost and found. Then, we take a mental inventory when he gets out to the car to make sure he has his folder, sweater, water bottle or other items. This way, if he did misplace something, we can head back to the classroom and find it before it heads to the lost and found.

Master Lock speedDial

If your child has a locker or wants to secure their backpack, they can use a combination lock like the 1500eDBX dialSpeed lock by Master Lock. This lock gives you fast and easy entry with a one handed lock and a secure code that can be set using the four directions. Use a number, word or phrase and you will have the ability to look up your password online should you ever forget it. Plus, you can set up a guest pass code that is easy to reset online so you can give someone temporary access to your lock without giving out your combination.

What ways to you protect your kid’s school gear?

Disclosure: I received a Master Lock speedDial and compensation for this post. Opinions expressed above are my own.

sandy weinstein

Sunday 28th of July 2013

i have used masterlocks b4. i always forget the combination....

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