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Power to Kids With Phillips Sonicare For Kids

I received a Phillips Sonicare For Kids in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

As kids get older they find ways to exert their independence. My kids are constantly looking for things they can now do on their own. Even my 18-month old most popular sentence out of her mouth is, “No! I do it myself!” For my kids their favorite thing to do independently is get dressed or pick their own clothing. I like to let them do this unassisted and unrestrained as much as possible, this helps them be a little more flexible when I need to choose their outfits.


For my toddler the biggest area he wants to have control over is his schedule. He always wants to know what is going on today, tomorrow, this week, even this month! We got him this calendar that is magnetic and we sit down together at the beginning of each month and put it together, mapping out big events that we have coming up. This has really helped him feel in control of what is going on and more prepared for what is coming up whether it be a doctors appointment, a birthday party, a holiday, or a big trip. I love how happy he gets when he can do something all by himself. Check out this video of him getting ready for bed on his own:

Studies show that for children ages 3-12, brushing their teeth is the second most important task that they want to do independently. Just barely surpassed by choosing their own clothes. How do you feel about your child brushing on their own. As the wife of a future dentist (Wahoo for one more year of dental school!), I know that I am really hesitant to let my kids brush on their own. Until now! With the help of the Phillips Sonicare For Kids (recommended for ages 4+), my toddler can brush on his own. He is still young so we stil keep an eye on him, but he loves having control of his brushing.


Check out some of this brushes features:

  • KidTimer gradually increases to two minutes to train kids to brush for the dentist- recommended time. This is my favorite feature because 2 minutes is a lot longer than you think!
  • KidPacer provides fun music to encourage kids to brush the front and back part of their upper and lower teeth, it adds on to the song every 15 seconds and plays a fun jingle when their 2 minutes is up.
  • Eight fun stickers let kids to personalize their brush.
  • Easy-grip handle is ergonomically designed to enable parents and kids to brush together or on their own.

Show Sonicare how you give #powertokids by submitting your own photo to win a Sonicare for Kids! Just hashtag #powertokids on an Instagram of your kids showing off their independence. Each week they will choose two winners! Make sure you enter below to win one here on A Mom’s Take as well! You can buy one directly from Phillips here or from Amazon here. They retail for $49.99.