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Easy Holiday Crafts: Paint Chip Valentines

It’s always fun to give something homemade, especially for a holiday that is all about showing others how much you care about them. Paint chip valentines are not only inexpensive to make but really cute and unique, too! This year, I made two different paint chip valentines to give you some ideas to get started making your own unique valentines!

Paint Chip Valentines

Easy Holiday Crafts: Paint Chip Valentines pinit fg en rect red 28

My Heart Jumps Valentine

To make this paint chip valentine, you will want 3 paint chips of coordinating colors. I used two paint chip cards that had a range of three colors on the card and another card the next shade lighter. Cut out a heart shape using one of your paint chips.

I choose my lighter paint chip for this one as I wanted the dark colors to pop up off the card. Tape or glue the first heart onto the card.

Then, I cut out a second heart about 1/3 smaller than the first heart. Line it up on top of your other heart to reshape as needed so they look similar in shape, though different sizes.

I then took a scrap from the second paint chip and cut it to form a little pop-up box.

Finally, tape or glue the second heart onto the pop up scrap. This will let the heart fold flat and pop up when removed from an envelope.

Hearts Valentine Popup

Inside the card I used my third paint chip and cut out squares, one from each of the three colors and wrote my inside message, which reads: “My heart jumps for you!” You can write whatever you’d like inside the card.

Paint Chip Valentines

Easy Holiday Crafts: Paint Chip Valentines pinit fg en rect red 28

I just wrote right onto the card and paint chips using sharpies. Here’s a look at the supplies and finished card to help you visualize the cuts I made with my paint chips. To create the base of the card, I just used a single sheet of printer paper cut in half hot dog style to allow for two cards per paper. You could use cardstock or fold a single piece of paper in half twice to create a thicker sturdier card.

Paint Chip Valentine Card

Easy Holiday Crafts: Paint Chip Valentines pinit fg en rect red 28

Tulips Valentine

The second of my paint chip valentines I made a card that can be read standing tall or on its side to show its double meaning design. I took two single color paint chips and cut them to look like lips. Then, I placed them with a spaced slightly apart on the front of the card. When standing tall, I wrote the card to read and show a tulip, saying “This tulip..”

Paint Chip Valentine Cards

Easy Holiday Crafts: Paint Chip Valentines pinit fg en rect red 28

Turning the card so the crease is at the top, the card reads “These 2 lips..” and resembles lips.

Paint Chip Valentines

Inside the card I finished with “are for YOU!” but you could customize and come up with your own creative phrase for inside the card. This card is really fun with the two different designs built into one card making it a bit interactive.

Tulips Valentine Inside

Have you ever made Valentines using paint chips? Share your ideas in the comments!

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