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OvaCue Fertility Monitor Review

Have you ever wanted an alternative to birth control? Or maybe you need a little extra help conceiving? No matter your reason, there is a lot of power in understanding your monthly cycle and fertility. Today, we’ll share how the OvaCue Fertility monitor works and our review!

Disclosure: I received an OvaCue Fertility Monitor bundle for free in order to try the product and form an opinion for this review. Affiliate links are included in this post. 

How the OvaCue Fertility
Monitor Works

OvaCue is a Fertility Monitor that uses an oral sensor to track changes in your body. The sensor is placed on your tongue each morning and a reading is taken of your electrolytes levels.

Then, your levels are charted and a prediction can be made in advance of your ovulation that can help you to better understand your cycle and predict ovulation.

OvaCue Fertility Monitor Review OvaCue 2Small

When the OvaCue notices a peak in your oral reading followed by two lower readings that trend coincidences with the selection of your dominant follicle.

The OvaCue will then give you a 5-7 day advance notice of ovulation. The OvaCue monitor has over a 98% accuracy report in predicting ovulation and is FDA approved!

OvaCue Fertility Monitor Review

I received an OvaCue fertility monitor bundle to review. When I weaned my now 15 month old I wanted a way to more naturally avoid conception without the use of a long-term or hormonal means and we don’t like barrier methods so I wasn’t happy with any of my options.

The OvaCue is NOT a contraceptive by any means but for my situation this is the perfect solution! I am now able to target my fertility window and use contraceptives during that window of time to avoid pregnancy.

The first month I used the monitor it was a bit hard to be in the habit to remember to use the monitor for readings first thing in the morning. Even still, I felt like the monitor gave me a really good view of what was going on in my cycle.

October Ovacue Cycle Chart

You can see above the green line indicates my oral readings and the pink line represents my vaginal readings. The pink box below indicates that ovulation was confirmed on the 19th cycle day, with the lowest point in my vaginal readings being the 18th prior to ovulation.

The oral sensor predicted my ovulation peak to be the 16th cycle day with a preceding fertility window before that. OvaCue also sells a vaginal sensor that can increase the accuracy of your charts by confirming that ovulation has occurred.

The vaginal sensor charts cervical mucus levels to detect a shift in your estrogen and progesterone levels that indicate ovulation. The pink line above indicates my vaginal readings.

November OvaCue Cycle Chart

During last month’s cycle I didn’t have a confirmation of ovulation so it was quite a bit more confusing for me. After asking for charting help I now know the lack of confirmation was because I didn’t start early enough in my vaginal readings.

I should have started readings by cycle day 7 and with the couple of missed days on the 11th and 12th cycle days, the OvaCueue couldn’t confirm. Looking at the chart as graphed through OvaGraph though it was clear and easy to see that I ovulated on the 19th cycle day as indicated by the peak.

I’m just not really sure what was going on with my hormones to create the ups and downs post-ovulation. I have really liked being able to monitor my fertility instead of playing a guessing game wondering what my body might be doing. I also am excited to use the fertility monitor to lean my odds towards a girl when we are ready to get pregnant again.

OvaCue Fertility Charting

OvaCue also supports a free fertility charting website called OvaGraph which generated the charts above. It is really simple to use and the charts can be customized to include whatever indicators you might want to include from OvaCue readings to basal body temperatures and even OPK tests and many other options!

Ovacue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue fertility monitor is available on Amazon for $299!