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Organization Tips For National Clean Out Your Garage Day

Does anyone else have a garage that is stuffed to the brim with tools and storage? I know I am not the only one! Celebrate National Clean Out Your Garage Day this Saturday, September 7th with The Lehigh Group and Crawford Organization. I know it is not quite as appealing as National Doughnut Day or National Talk Like a Pirate Day, but you will be so glad you joined in when you have a clean and safe garage.

When we started looking for a house to buy in Arizona two and a half years ago, I was surprised to find that many homes house their washer and Dryer hookups in the garage. I told my husband that I didn’t want to do my laundry in the hot garage, and that was a deal breaker for me. Eight offers later, we were thrilled to have a house to call our own… with a laundry room in the garage.

It is not as horrible as I imagined, and it is nice that the dryer does not heat up our already toasty house even more, but the washer and dryer, water softener, and water heater take up all my garage storage space! Over the past few years we have stacked and shoved stuff where we could, and for our tools and yard supplies that means next to the car! Something had to be done.


Lucky for me, cleaning out our garage was easy using some tips from The Lehigh Group.

  • Sort the Mess – Separate your items into categories. Then pitch, donate or sell items you don’t use. After deciding what stays, separate the garage into zones for storing each category of items, and then choose the most appropriate storage method. Depending on the size of your mess, this step could take awhile, but take the time to do it right. You will be so happy you did!
  • Go Vertical – Garages provide ample wall and ceiling space to easily convert for storage through use of hanging shelves, pegboards, storing rails and overhead systems. For example, The Lehigh Group makes a variety of Crawford®-brand flexible mesh storage organizers that hang on the wall and can hold up to 25 lbs. They are particularly suited to accommodate awkward or bulky items, from pet toys to work gloves and camping equipment.


  • Securely Store Hazardous Items – This was the biggest concern for me in our garage. Now that we have small, curious kids running around, toxic materials had to be stored safely. Place toxic materials such as paint, paint thinner, weed and bug killers, fertilizer and gasoline in high cabinets or lockable tool chests out of children’s reach. Use well-supported shelves to store cleaning solutions and vehicle fluids. Tool hangers, like the Crawford®-brand smart system, work well to store tools and extension cords. The steel rail can be hung on any type of wall. Select models can hold up to 48 tools.


I am so happy we took the time to organize our garage. Knowing everything is put away in a safe and secure place puts my mind at ease. So what do you say? Join in the fun this Saturday, September 7th and celebrate National Clean Out Your Garage Day!


Need a little help? Enter to win your own Crawford®-brand smart system and Crawford®-brand flexible mesh storage organizer to put your garage in tip top shape!

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I received a Crawford®-brand smart system and a Crawford®-brand flexible mesh storage organizer in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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