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Olympic Coaches and Life Coaches!

Did you watch the 2012 Summer Olympics this year? It’s always neat to watch the top athletes from around the world come together to compete. Plus, it’s always fun to cheer on Team USA! I know all those athletes have to practice and practice and rely on a good coach to help encourage and train them. Forbes shared an article that expresses the importance of a good coach saying, “Ask any Olympic champion to list the main things that contributed to his or her success, and you can be sure that the word ‘coach’ will be high atop the list. Without a coach, even the most naturally gifted athlete will likely never reach their full potential.” – (, “Entrepreneurs and Olympians”).

One of my favorite rising Olympic stars to watch was Missy Franklin who competed in swimming events. I watched her compete in the trials to join the USA Olympic Swimming Team and was excited to see her success. It’s amazing that a young 17 year old girl can compete and win against older athletes and even past Olympians and record holders. NBC interviewed Missy Franklin after she won an Olympic Gold Medal in her first individual event and you see several mentions of how her coaches were able to help her and encourage her. She overcame such an incredible challenge to compete in two back to back events!

There are lessons that we can learn from these great Olympic coaches that can be applied to our everyday lives. Entrepreneurs gives a great example of how we can apply similar techniques to coaching our employees to succeed. The article showcases tips for setting goals and stretching your employees. In our everyday lives, we can depend on life coaches to help guide and inspire us by giving us an outside perspective on our choices.

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Sunday 26th of August 2012

The coach/Olympian relationship I loved to watch this Olympics was  Danell Leyva  (mens gymnastics) and his dad... His dad was so supportive and such a great positive energy for his son!

Karen Glatt

Sunday 26th of August 2012

I thought Missy Franklin is a very good role model, and a terrific athlete! It is with the dedication of her coach that made her a success! We need to give a lot of credit to the hard working coaches and parents behind the scenes that are helping these athletes reach their full potential!

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