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My Love Story – How me and my husband met!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and in celebration of the holiday, I thought I’d share my love story! I met my husband, Danny, on a Caribbean cruise! My parents had booked a cruise through my aunt as a travel agent as had his aunt and uncle. About a week before the cruise was to depart 2 booked passengers had a death in the family and had to back out of the cruise last minute. Him and I were both added in as last minute bookings to fill those openings just a week before the cruise, neither of us having ever met before.

The night before the cruise was to depart we were all booked at the same hotel, there was a group of about 50 or so guests. I saw Danny and said “Hi” but we didn’t talk much more that evening. He told me later he knew he would marry me the moment he met me and was totally surprised by that feeling. He hadn’t thought he would ever get married as his life goals had been to work hard and do well in business. Throughout the cruise Danny spent his days “chasing” me and trying to get to know me but I had very little interest in him and was busy flirting with the cruise workers. By the end of the cruise he had asked me for my email and we stayed in touch chatting online and with phone calls, but I still considered him just a friend.

At one point, he asked if he could drive the 14 hour drive to come visit me and take me out on a date. I consented, but made sure he knew that I was still not really interested and considered him just a friend. Following our first date, he asked me to marry him, over the phone, to which I said no. He continued to chase me and date me and really became my best friend – the best way to truly fall in love! One day I realized that wait, I really love this boy and couldn’t imagine life without him! He had won my heart and still holds it to this day! My husband and I have been married for six years now.

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To my sweetheart: I love you so much! Thank you for chasing me and your persistence pursuing me. I am so happy in our life together! I am grateful to be married to my best friend! In all of our 6 years of marriage I’ve been so happy, well taken care of and truly blessed. Thank you for all the hard work you do for our family. You have been such a wonderful provider for us and I don’t thank you often enough for all the work you do. I love the example you have set for our children to be hard-working, honest, faithful, loving, kind, compassionate, giving, trustworthy, and strong. You are a wonderful father and a fabulous husband. I look forward to many, many, MANY more years to come with you by my side! I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Saturday 24th of March 2012

Aww! Thank you for sharing such an amazing story. Some what similar to my fiancee and I. After our first date I didn't really acknowledge that we were together, I kept saying we weren't even though we were together almost all of the time. He never once gave up! Finally I realized that I loved him and he was a great guy for me and my at the time 3 1/2yr old daughter. He was someone I could trust to be around her and he was amazing w/her. So I said yes, we are together. Shortly after he proposed, a week before my 19th birthday, what an amazing birthday gift! <3 And I became pregnant w/our oldest son that Oct. We now have 3 kids, our now 6yr old daughter (not his biological child, but you could never tell), 1.5yr old son and 3m old son. 

Erin Rok

Saturday 17th of March 2012

Very sweet! I love reading love stories :)

Julie B.

Friday 2nd of March 2012

I LOVE your story of how you met and fell in love!  I'm so happy he never gave up, sounds like you two are as much in love as when you were married!


Monday 13th of February 2012

Love it!!!..:-)

Heather K Miller

Sunday 12th of February 2012

That is a really neat story!  There are always things like that happening in movies and you think no way, that kind of stuff doesn't really happen!  But it does! 

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