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Simple Hairstyles: Side Curls Ponytail


I had the opportunity to show you how to curl hair using the automatic curling iron, the Conair Curl Secret! It is a revolutionary new way for curling hair! I had so much fun trying it out and I am going to show you how the Curl Secret works as well as show you how to replicate one of my simple hairstyles, a Side Curls Ponytail.

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How Does the Curl Secret Work?

The Conair Curl Secret works by automatically winding your hair around an inner barrel. It takes out the effort of rolling your curling iron and the danger of a hot curling iron barrel sitting right next to your head. To use it, you simply place a section of your hair about 1/2″ to 1″ thick straight through the opening of the Curl Secret. This step is super easy, you just want to make sure your hair is straight and not tangled or sticking outside the path.

Then, as you clamp down on the handle, the barrel will roll and curl your hair around the inside barrel. Your hair will then curl just like it does with a traditional curling iron by resting against a heated barrel. Your Curl Secret will beep when your selected timing is ready and then you just release your hold on the clamp and pull the Curl Secret away from your scalp. Your newly curled section of hair will easily slide right out of the Curl Secret as nothing will be holding your hair anymore.

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I was really impressed with the Curl Secret. It isn’t hot at all to the touch or near my head. I absolutely love this because I have burned my scalp and fingers too many times with curling irons in the past. You can start your curl up close to your scalp or anywhere lower on the hair at your preference. I wasn’t sure if you would have to start only close to the scalp of before I gave it a try so that was great to see.

I have caught a snag with the Curl Secret a few times if I try to curl too much hair at once or if I didn’t line up my hair straight through the pathway. It wasn’t a huge deal, though. The Curl Secret just tries to wind the hair around the inner barrel and if it can’t smoothy grab the section of hair, it release the hold and you can remove your hair from the barrel and try again.

I found the Curl Secret to be really easy to use, especially after my first two “misses” that helped me to learn how much hair to grab at a time to curl with the Curl Secret. I was really surprised that the curls actually stayed curled since my hair usually looses any curl pretty quickly. It really is a great automatic curling iron and with how easy it is to use I will certainly be curling my hair more often than I used to.


Simple Hairstyles: Side Curls Ponytail


I am all about easy but still cute styles as I don’t have a lot of time to get ready for the day. I know how busy moms can be so simple hairstyles that can be done up in 15 minutes or less are the only ones I have the time for. I love this style because it’s can be dressed up or down depending on what you will be doing for the day.

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You will start with clean, dry hair. Pull up the top most layer of your hair up and out of the way. Then, curl your lower layer of hair making sure not to miss any sections. It is easiest to start at the back and work your way forward as you go. Grab sections of your hair that are about a half an inch thick and curl them using the Curl Secret or your curling iron. After you finish curling all your lower half of hair, continue on curling the upper half of your hair as well.

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When all of your hair is curled, gather your hair to the side of your head and tie a hair tie joining all your hair together at the base of your neck just behind your ear. You can pull your hair to either side of your head. Don’t warp the hair tie so too tightly. You want it to have a good hold but have some give as well. Then, slide the hair tie down just a little bit and part your hair leaving a clean part just above the hair tie.

Keep your fingers in the part you have made and push your ponytail of hair up, over, and then through the part you have created. This will give you a twist like you see in the top left picture above. Then, tighten your hair tie by pulling your hair from your pony tail apart to slide the hair tie upward.

The steps are a bit tricky to try to describe in just text, so you may need to watch my video tutorial below. It’s extremely easy one you’ve done it once, so hopefully you can figure out what I mean.

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And there you have it, you have a pretty cascade of curls that rest on your shoulder and a unique and feminine twist at the back that keeps the style interesting. Watch my YouTube video tutorial on how to use the Conair Curl Secret as well as how to make this hairstyle come together!

The Conair Curl Secret is available for just $80 at Amazon, a great savings compared to it’s retail price of $150.