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Letting Little Girls Grow Up

I received a Boodle Box in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

My oldest daughter turned 12 this year.  It was a year of many changes.  It seems like just a moment ago she was just a teeny baby.  Now she wants to text her friends and tell me about some crazy thing on Facebook.  I realized though, that because she is at a strange time in her life, her “tween” years, she needs a little help, and a bit of guidance in growing up.

Letting Little Girls Grow UpBody Talk

As awkward as it may seem, you may have to tell your young girl that she stinks.  Around the Tween years, when kid’s bodies start to change, they don’t notice that they need to be wearing deodorant. Save your kiddo the embarrassment of having to be told by a teacher at school (ok, guilty on this one, my son wasn’t using strong enough deodorant as a little guy…weird conversation with the teacher) and help them pick out a deodorant.  Girls have tons of fun smells in the teen version.

Also may be stating the obvious, but help your daughter by preparing her for “womanhood.” It can be pretty scary.  If it hasn’t happened, talk about it! If you don’t, someone at school will, and they could be telling them some strange ideas.


If your little girl wants to take down the Dora the Explorer decorations in their room, don’t fight it. They really want to express themselves and are sometimes torn between being a kid and being a grown up.  Finances tight?  Check thrift stores, online swap shops, and garage sales to help you Tween find additions to her bedroom that fit her personality.


My daughter started worrying about jewelry, her hair and clothes a ton more (thank goodness, sometimes her hair was abysmal).  Talk with your daughter about if she starts to mention wearing makeup.  It will come, because another girl will wear it. Decide when it would be appropriate.  Help her pick up some small accessories.  If you need help you could always The Boodle Box, a monthly subscription box full of adorable accessories and beauty products for girls of all ages.

Letting Little Girls Grow UpEach month, you’ll receive a selection of the latest products for teens and tweens from some of the top manufacturers in the beauty and fashion industries.  The Boodle Box includes everything from fun nail polish and nail art, to the latest in fashion accessories and new beauty items, as well as fun non-beauty extras. With two age group boxes to choose from (5-10 and 11+), your Boodle Box will always be full of special surprises that are both fabulous and age-appropriate.

Letting Little Girls Grow UPMy daughter was beyond excited to open her Boodle Box. Under the sparkly wrapping paper was a treasure chest of her favorite things.  There was a ton of squealing as she pulled out each item.  I really liked how everything really was age appropriate, absolutely no crazy makeup. Her favorite thing was the hair chalk.  She’s been watching that commercial for months, and asking for some (in fact I was considering for a stocking stuffer).  She loved applying the chalk and blending colors. She and her cousin, had quite the hairdos…and so did all the girls in my house.  Best part, it just washes out.  I loved how special my daughter felt knowing that it was all for her, and that she could use the products to really express herself!

Letting Little Girls Grow UPBoodle Box subscriptions start at $19.99 a month.  Sign up here.  Boodle Box is the perfect gift for absolutely any occasion!

The most important thing about letting little girls grow up, is communication.  Talk to your daughter, be honest and upfront.  Let them know they are loved every second, of every day.

Do you have a little girl that is growing up?  Do you dread the day?