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How to Connect with your Spouse

In 1997, I met a crazy, funny man while I was working at a restaurant.  I am so happy to call him my husband. We have spent many years together, and we have been blessed with 5 amazing children.  Because we have 5 children, and we are balancing his job, our kid’s schedules and other commitments, sometimes it feels like we are just going through the motions.  One day, I realized we hadn’t said anything to each other that didn’t involve laundry or the dishes.  At the end of the day, I was feeling like a maid and nothing like a wife.

We decided at that point we needed to change things up.  We wanted to spend time with each other, just being with each other, instead of letting life get in the way.

I received a Spice Box in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Ideas and Tips on how to Connect with your spouseHow to Connect with Your Spouse

Here are a few ways to connect or reconnect with your spouse or significant other…

You should always date.  Just like in the beginning of your relationship.  Big dates, little dates…just getting together for an ice cream cone.  Make it once a week, if possible.  If baby sitting is an issue, find another couple with children and trade baby sitting days.  You can find tons of ideas for low cost dates online.

Put Down the Phone
If we put down our electronic devices, we would see we have a bunch of opportunities to just talk.  Communication, just on daily basis is so hugely important.  But, we don’t even take the time to talk because it’s more important to beat the next level on a game or send a text to a friend.

Connecting with your SpouseSpice Up Your Alone Time
Being intimate with your spouse is really hard when you have little kids.  Sometimes you fall in the same routine and lose a bit of the excitement and spark your relationship had at the beginning. A really fun way to add some excitement to that special alone time is a Spice Box.  A Spice Box from Spicy Subscriptions is a monthly delivery of a box of the best intimate products for you and your spouse.  Spicy Subscriptions delivers a discreetly packaged box to your door every month, and each month is specially themed to keep your experience unique each month.  Starting at $19.95/a month, a Spice Box is a great way to keep things interesting!  Get a Spicy Subscription here.

Take a Trip
This will require careful planning and must balancing, but do what you can and get away for a bit.  I’ve been with my husband 17 years, and we’ve been away together once…our honeymoon. Don’t be like us.  Make memories of just the two of you.  Take tons of pictures and experience the world with the person that makes your world what it is. Don’t despair for us, we have a trip scheduled for next month!

Connecting with your Spouse

Take the time connecting with your spouse, and remember each day how much they mean to you!

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