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10 Ingenious Uses for Baby Wipes

I received samples and compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Raising two children under the age of three, we go through A LOT of baby wipes on a daily basis. In fact, we keep a bag of wipes handy in just about every room of the house. Although we use wipes to change many diapers each day, I’ve found myself relying on baby wipes for cleaning up spills, children, toys, and so much more. Check out these 10 Ingenious Uses for Baby Wipes.

10 Ingenious Uses for Baby Wipes

baby wipes

1. Blowing noses: My kids prefer the softness to regular tissues.

2. Cleaning up spills: Use wipes to give your counters a once-over. They clean up spilled bottles and juice like a dream. Plus, they are more absorbent than a lot of paper towels.

3. Cleaning toys: Use baby wipes to clean fingerprints, food, and germs off of your children’s toys.

baby wipes

4. Getting spit-up out of clothes: Both of my babies have suffered from acid reflex. This means one thing: lots of spit-up. Thankfully, using wipes, I can blot the spit-up out of my clothes and kiss stains goodbye.

5. Cleaning your cell phone: Use wipes to scrub smudges and finger prints off of your cell phone.

6. Removing makeup: Because I have super sensitive skin, I have to be really careful when it comes to beauty products. I’ve found that using wipes to remove my makeup is not only more cost-effect, but it also is gentle enough for my skin.

7. Cooling drinks: Wrap a wet baby wipe around a warm can of soda or water bottle, stick it in the freezer, and it will cool off in half of the time.

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8. Getting stains out of the carpet: Use wipes to scrub dirt and grime out of your carpet.

9. Wiping down the shopping cart: Before you put your little one into the shopping cart, quickly scrub the germs away using a baby wipe.

10. Sponge bathing while camping: The next time you head up into the mountains, be sure to bring a pack of baby wipes. These wipes are the perfect way to freshen up after spending the day in the dirt. Not only do they remove dirt like a charm, but they leave you smelling fresh and clean.


Baby wipes are my favorite way to to take care of all of my family’s needs! They’re moist, hygenic, and hypoallergenic wipes that are soft on faces and everywhere else, too.

baby wipes

What do you use baby wipes for?

CR Williams

Sunday 19th of July 2015

I can definitely relate to this post, I use wipes for everything.

Kimberly M.

Saturday 18th of July 2015

I didn't know about the wipe around the drink and putting it in the freezer. I will have to remember that. We use a ton of wipes too. That is one thing I didn't know though.


Saturday 18th of July 2015

The cool bottle idea is great tip, i never knew that one. Also another vote for using them as makeup removers. They also great for touch ups when applying makeup and have a small slip with mascara or eyeliner.

Ty @ Mama of 3 Munchkins

Friday 17th of July 2015

Wow, these are some clever ideas! I use baby wipes for everything and they're perfect for staying cool in the summer. I wipe my face with them all the time.

Nicole B

Friday 17th of July 2015

I use baby wipes for everything - even though my "baby" is 4. We have them in the car so they can wash their hands after they play at the playground or before/after we eat on the go.

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