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Laffy Daffy Handmade Step Stool Review

Laffy Daffy creates beautiful handmade and personalized step stools. Their stools have legs that flare out creating a wider base then top so the step stools don’t tip over. Laffy Daffy takes great pride in their products and stands being their quality as well so you can feel confident about your purchase. They have a variety of stools available for purchase as seen and also accept personalization and customizations as well. You can contact Laffy Daffy through their etsy shop to discuss the stool you have in mind to get a beautiful custom stool perfect for your family!

Laffy Daffy Step Stool Review

Laffy Daffy reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reviewing a step stool. I was so extremely excited to get to work with them as I had yet to find a stool that I really loved! I browsed through all their products and found a bunch of cute ideas that really inspired me with a few ideas of my own that I thought would work perfectly for our family and in our bathroom where the stool would be used. I expressed my ideas to Laffy Daffy with a few basic plans I had in mind. The main idea I had expressed was to have 4 footprints in varying sizes (each getting slightly larger) to represent our 3 boys and 4th child on the way. I didn’t want to have any particular name on the stool since we haven’t named our last baby yet and didn’t want it to be excluding towards the possibility of additional children later either (though I’m pretty sure this will be our last). I mentioned our bathroom was beached themed and thought that could tie in nicely with the footprints. I received back sample proofs of what my personalized stool could look like and was really impressed with the proofs being able to put in image form what I was picturing in my head. One was a clear favorite out of the few designs as I loved everything about the look! I accepted the proof for the design you see above and was blown away when my stool arrived, I absolutely love the way the design and colors turned out!

Laffy Daffy Handmade Step Stool Review Laffy Daffy

Not only do I love the gorgeous personalization to our stool, but this is such a high quality fabulous stool that I really couldn’t be happier! With the two steps my 20 month old can completely reach the sink by himself and can wash his hands, brush his teeth, and check himself out in the mirror without me having to hold him up or needing to step up onto his tiptoes to reach! Of course he still needs help turning on the water and brushing his teeth as he can’t do those things on his own but it gives him a sense of independence and takes a ton of strain off of me! My 3.5 and 5.5 year old boys use and love the Laffy Daffy step stool too. My 5 year old can reach the sink okay without any stool, but the extra boost means he can reach his toothpaste and toothbrush that I keep up in the medicine cabinet. Now, he’ll take care of brushing his teeth all by himself, from start to finish! My 5 year old has even pulled it out to use as a mini table top to play at. I also love that while it may not be intended for more than one child to use at a time, there is tons of room on the stool so two of my boys will often share the step stool and reach for the sink at the same time. We have never had the stool even wobbly at all and I know it will stand up to years and years of use!

Laffy Daffy Stools

Visit Laffy Daffy on Etsy to check out all their beautiful one and two step stools! One step stools start at $59.99 and two step stools start at $89.99. Laffy Daffy also offers gorgeous wood growth charts!

Laffy Daffy has very generously offered a gorgeous 2 step stool as a giveaway prize. However, the winner can win even more!!! In addition to the free step stool, the winner will also be reimbursed for any purchase(s) made through Laffy Daffy’s Etsy store from 5/28/12 to 6/15/12, up to $200!! No limitation on the number of orders, total stools, or options selected. Making a purchase will not increase your odds to win, but gives you the perfect reason to not delay a purchase! If you love these stools, don’t hesitate to purchase one now before the giveaway closes!


Friday 15th of June 2012

like theĀ  Personalized, Step Stool, Wooden, Wood, MDF, Purple, White, Green, Owl, Tree, Leaves, Tip-Resistant, Stepstools by LaffyDaffy on Etsy

brich22 at earthlink dot net

Charlene Kuser

Friday 15th of June 2012

My favorite is the Owl Step Stool

[email protected]

Sarah Linette

Friday 15th of June 2012

These are amazing! I love the personalized bird step stools. They are all so neat though it is hard to choose.

Penny Kathleen

Friday 15th of June 2012

My favorite is theĀ  Personalized Step Stool, Wooden, Wood, MDF, Green, White, Blue, Black, Dots, Childrens Tip-Resistant Stepstool


Friday 15th of June 2012

Personalized bird step stool (Gianna).

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