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About Diabetes and Helpful Articles

I’m sure just about everyone knows someone, often a close loved one, that has Diabetes. I know in my family Diabetes is a big concern as my grandmother and that line in my family has a tendency towards Diabetes. My grandmother actually had Diabetes through the end of her life and I remember the struggle that was for her. Did you know that about 1 in every 250 people will eventually develop type 1 diabetes. So, what exactly is diabetes? In a healthy working system, a hormone in your body called insulin pushes sugar from the blood into your bodies cells to be used as a fuel. When ones body stops producing insulin, the cells will begin to burn muscle and fat as the fuel instead. This is what is known as Type 1 diabetes. Common symptoms include the individual feeling hungry all the time and having an increased thirst.

There is also Type 2 diabetes which is when your bodies insulin is not working properly and is often found in overweight adults over the age of 45 and does not typically have symptoms. With type 2 diabetes becoming an increasing problem with overweight children and type 1 diabetes often occurring during youth, it is important to stay informed on Diabetes. You can stay informed on developments with diabetes through a whole range of current articles on diabetes in america. These articles can help you find new possible dietary triggers or risks factors.

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Kristyn Featherston

Friday 20th of April 2012

Thank you for this Post! Type two diabetes runs in my family as well and currently my sister has it. She has lost her pinky toe and will be going into surgery to have her big toe removed as well. She is still struggling with watching what she eats, but has an understanding that what she has is pretty deadly. I hope that she can eventually better herself and I hope that I can eventually lose some weight and control my urges to constantly eat and drink.

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