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How to Lower Holiday Stress

The year 2020 has been anything but typical. So far, we as a people have had a lot to deal with. We have had to switch to working from home, or working with restrictions. There has been job loss and life loss. Parents have had to juggle full-time work and full-time teaching when kids moved to remote schooling.

There was anxiety about what we were going to do when the toilet paper ran low, since there was no longer any to be found. There have been frustrations when leaving your mask in the car and all the backlash you get from posting basically anything on social media.

Then there were riots and looting. So much stress about you and your family’s safety. Top it all off with it being an election year. Then, just in time for the cherry on top, an end cap of a Covid holiday season.

So how can we continue to deal with the stress of 2020 and still have a great holiday season? With all of the unknowns, there are a few known things you can do to help manage the stress.

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

How to Lower Holiday Stress

1. Shop early – If you haven’t started your holiday shopping, you should. There are so many businesses trying hard to get your business, that they have started holiday sales super early.

Take advantage of the good deals already out and start your shopping now. Getting a couple of items every week instead of all at once will greatly reduce the last minute shopping stress. It will also help the stress on your wallet. Especially if you are in one of the industries affected by this pandemic.

2. Don’t Overspend – We as a people have forgotten the reason for the season anyway. This year, try keeping it more simplistic. You don’t need to go out and buy all of the newest, latest and greatest most expensive things on their list.

If you are financially struggling, sit the kids down and explain the dilemma. Try going back to homemade gifting or setting a budget for each family member. I usually try to do one more expensive gift that they want, usually around $100 or less, and then a couple smaller things to fill the stocking.

3. Keep it Simple – This may be easier to do with a pandemic going on. There will be less families houses to juggle going between. That also means, less people to party plan for, less food to make, and less stressful entertaining. Take advantage of it.

Schedule some holiday, video messaging, party time with extended family. Then, use the rest of the time you would have spent cleaning, decorating and cooking to do something fun and relaxing with you and your family. Read Christmas stories together, make a craft, watch holiday movies, make s’mores, bake cookies or make something for a service project.

4. Be flexible – Trying to go to see family? Attempting to plan a vacation? These things are not easy this year. There are so many unknowns. Are we, or the place we want to go, going to be locked down again? Will I be able to continue working from home, or need to go into the office again soon. Will the kids still be in school or online?

It is really hard to plan any kind of trip with all of these unknown variables. Make sure that you get peace of mind with some kind of insurance on any trip you may be planning. It will be less stressful if you know you can get your money back.

Also, make a plan B, just in case your plan A falls through. You may not make it to Europe this year, but maybe you can finally see the Grand Canyon? Or look for a virtual tour to get you excited for when you can.

You might not get to grandma’s house, but maybe you can go play in the snow instead. You might even be able to video message her so she can join in on the fun too.

5. Use OmegaBrite – If you’re feeling stressed this holiday season, try adding OmegaBrite supplements to your daily regimen. These little gems are packed full of Omega-3s and are beneficial to your overall mood and health. OmegaBrite is a safe, natural way to add to your health, reduce stress levels and anxiety, without the side-effect of harmful drugs.

OmegaBrite is a specially formulated, high EPA, Omega-3 supplement. It has been clinically shown to reduce anxiety by 20%.

OmegaBrite has recently added CBD supplements to their already established Omega-3 product line. Many people already take CBD as a way to lower stress levels, body aches, and pains, get better sleep, and manage various other ailments.

CBD supplements have been shown to be helpful in reducing anxiety and stress and helping with sleep. Try out one of the many OmegaBrite CBD supplements and help reduce your stress during this pandemic holiday season.

This holiday season may not be starting out the way we had all hoped it would. I know I thought things would be back to normal by now. That doesn’t mean that it needs to be stressful and depressing either. It gives us a good chance to slow down and get back to the basics.

We can have a less stressful season by doing things with the small circle of people who mean the most to us. Taking thigs slower, running around less, and just creating memories together.

What do you do to manage stress?

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