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Homemade Bath Salts for Kids to Make

These are the Homemade Bath Salts for kids to make, that we made today.  The Blue jar still needs to be decorated.  But the other one was made for a Mom as a Halloween gift from her daughter.


Items Needed:

  • Empty jars of some sort.  Different sizes
  • Epson Salts
  • Essential oils
  • food coloring
  • Bowl
  • spoon
  • funnel


Here is how we did it.

She started by decorating the lid.


She cut up green paper to glue onto the lid, then smeared glue on the outside edge of the lid and put green glitter on it.


She then glued the face on the jack-o-lantern.  I then dumped Epson salt into the bowl so she could spoon it into her jar so that she could make just enough to fill her container.

P1090750 I then emptied the bowl so she could dump what was in her jar, back into the bowl to mix.

P1090761She then added in the essential oils.  Her pumpkin we did with peppermint, the blue one is cinnamon and nutmeg.

P1090754After putting in as much food coloring as she thought would make a good orange. Note: she learned that red and yellow make orange.

P1090755She started stirring it.  She decided it needed another drop of yellow to be the perfect orange that she wanted.

P1090756She then used the funnel to get the orange scented salts back into her jar.

P1090757Alas, she has an orange Jack-o-lantern full of smelly bath salts for her mother.

P1090760  When her Dad came to get her, she had decorated a gift bag also to take it home in.  He thought the homemade bath salts came that color.  He was very impressed with her ability to make this gift for her Mom.  She was so proud and loved doing this.  These make a great gift for parents, aunts, grandma’s, Even Dad’s that appreciate a good smelly soak in the tub.  Have fun, and above all else enjoy your children.