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Happy 100th Mother’s Day

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My mom is the greatest! Can’t most of us say the same thing? For me, my mom holds such a special place in my heart that no one else in the world can fill because of her endless service, compassion, and love for me. No matter what I may do, my mother still loves me and is there to support me.

What has to be my favorite thing about my mom is her willingness to serve others. She is always busy helping others lightening their load in any way she can. I can’t tell you how many times my parents have showed up the first and last one to help someone move bring boxes and helping them load their moving truck. My mom is always there to help watch my kids with what seems like an endless stream of needs as my husband travels for work and I need to meet appointments for school, work, and church responsibilities.

Family Picture

My mom, front and center, with her children and grandkids!

She lives in a retirement area now, and is always helping her elderly neighbors. One in particular really fascinates me. My mom spends time every week to visit a neighbor who is a survivor from World War II and spent part of her life in a concentration camp as a young girl. Now in her elderly years, she doesn’t have family nearby to visit her so my mom visits to give her company and also help her record and write her story. There are so many stories and lessons that can be learned from all of our ancestors, and I really admire my mom for taking the time to preserve her story before it is too late.

Can you believe, this year on May 11th Mother’s Day will celebrate its 100th anniversary! For a holiday that means so much around the country, it’s fascinating to me that it’s been around just 100 years. I love the holiday that gives us an excuse and reminder to celebrate our mothers. FTD is the only floral delivery company that’s been there to celebrate the holiday from the start.

To celebrate the 100th year of celebrating Mother’s Day, FTD is looking for 100 Stories of Mom and will award 100 deserving moms with a special bouquet of flowers! You can enter by sharing in a short 200 words or less essay or video clip a story about the mom in your life. Make the story anything you’d like from her best advice to a story from your childhood or what makes her standout – as long as it is a story that honors your mom! The top 100 stories will receive a $50 FTD gift card to shop for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

What makes your mom special?