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Giving Back with the Toyota Sienna! #SiennaDiaries #Endorsed

#Endorsed – I am part of the Toyota #SiennaDiaries blogging team on behalf of TMS/USA. I will be test driving this 2014 Toyota Sienna through the end of 2013. All opinions are my own.

I can’t believe Christmas is here! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and around the corner is a whole New Year! One of the ways I love to give back during the Holiday season, is pass along a lot of the gifts, toys, books, and games that we have in excess from blogging opportunities and clearance sells. We loaded up the Toyota Sienna with two huge overflowing boxes of gifts and took a trip to our local fire station!

Sienna Christmas Gifts

The fire station near us collects toys and gifts for kids for Christmas. Our delivery was about a week ago and I was happy to hear that the firefighters were going through the donations and getting them ready to be delivered! It was really neat to see a big pile of gifts just ready to go out to families who truly need it this year. I would be so sad to see a child not get a gift for Christmas. Sure, kids don’t need something big and commercial, but everyone deserves to feel special and the love that comes along with receiving a gift.

Christmas Gift Donations

The firefighter who helped us unload the car let my boys take a peek at the fire trucks while we were there. It was so nice to let them get out of the car, see the donations and spark a conversation about giving back to those in need, and give them an up-close look at the fire trucks! It made donating gifts fun for them when initially they just kept asking me why they couldn’t have the toys we were loading up. Which of course, they have too many toys already and many of the same ones we donated, so they are in no way lacking in that department.

Fire Station

My two middle children was fascinated looking at the long fire truck that needs someone to steer in the front AND the back. They saw four different types of trucks. Every since, they have been pointing out the fire trucks to me every time we see them.

Sienna Diaries Family Car

Our time test driving the 2014 Toyota Sienna is coming to a close at the end of the year. I hope you have enjoyed following along with our Sienna Diaries as we have shared a peek into our daily adventures. We have grown to love the Sienna more and more each day. There are so many features we will miss as we head back to our own vehicle. If you’re in the market for a new family vehicle, head in and test drive a Toyota Sienna to see if it’s right for your family.

How do you give back around the holidays?