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Germ Fighting Gift Basket For Teachers

Back to school season is full of excitement. Kids and their families thrive on schedules and heading back to school is usually a comfort zone of routine. Even though students may be worried about classes or the social scene, the structure of schedule and routine contributes to a happy healthy kid. Unfortunately, heading back to school also means your kids are heading into a breeding ground for germs.

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Keeping kids healthy is tough. My little guy headed off to pre-k this year and sure enough, he missed a day the second week of school because he was sick. New school, new kids, new germs. ate a healthier school year by incorporating lessons on nutrition, fitness and hygiene into their lesson plans. Lysol has teamed up with Football Legend and Healthy Habits Coach, Jerry Rice to garner his unique Healthy Habits anecdotes and best practices to implement to set children up for success. There are a few ways to help your kids stay healthy this year:


Rest Up: Children should be getting a full 8-10 hours of sleep. Being well rested keeps their bodies and their minds working at full capacity. It can be so easy with busy school schedules to let them stay up late, but that sleep really is imperative to their success.


Make Time For Fitness: Just like sleep, your child’s busy schedule can’t omit physical fitness. Try to incorporate at least one small but easy physical activity into their daily routine. Some examples are doing chores around the house or opting for a hike over video games. After school sports and activities can make for an over scheduled child, so aim for one or two things they can really focus on.

The Twenty-Second Rule: Kids at school are all over the place. From the lunchroom, to the playground, to the bathroom, you have to remind them to practice proper hand washing etiquette to help keep illness away. Teach them to w­­ash their hands for a full twenty seconds by having them sing the “Happy Birthday Song” twice from beginning to end.

Hand washing 2 (1)

When I was a school teacher I coached my second graders on healthy habits all the time. 7-year-olds are just really finding their complete independence and because of that it is so important for them to realize that they have to take the time to prevent the spread of germs. They are old enough to know how to wash their hands, cover their mouth when they sneeze and cough, and sanitize when they need to. But, they are just kids!

IMG_9287I always put Lysol Disinfecting Wipes on my supply wish lists each year. Without fail, I would run out by Christmas! Now that my kids are in school, I always like to drop off a basket of goodies around flu season to help their teachers fight germs in their classroom. This year I included Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lysol Touch Of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash, and Lysol Disinfecting Spray To-Go.

Lysol wants to reward teachers who are practicing and teaching Healthy Habits in their classrooms! All they have to do is submit a short video sharing how they incorporate Healthy Habits into their classrooms. To learn more and participate in the Healthy Habits Contest, visit Entries will be accepted up until October 16, 2015 and videos which have the most votes could win gift cards for classroom supplies!

How do you help your student and their classroom stay healthy?

Jenna Wood

Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

Lysol wipes are a must for everything. We use them to sanitize our phones often, but they work great in school too!

Amy Desrosiers

Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

This is such a great idea for teachers! I know when I taught I hates all the germs and colds I would get!


Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

Great tip! Especially for this time of year!


Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

This is a great idea. Lysol is a great brand and it's tough on germs.


Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

I love this idea. I will have to get the products i need so i can make these for my kids to take to school. It is getting to be cold and flu season.

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