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Family Road Trip stop at Silverwood Theme Park

I absolutely love roller coasters! They are one of my very favorite things of all time, right up there with board games and beaches! So, of course, our family road trip had to include a stop to a theme park. Silverwood is the biggest park in the Northwest and has both a roller coaster and a water park side of the park. We stayed at Silverwood’s RV Park which is connected to the parking lot of the park giving you really easy access to the park.

Summer Road trip to Silverwood Theme Park

We headed off to the park as soon as it opened and started off on the coaster side of the park. We took the kids on all the rides just for their side and they loved every ride! They went on everything from a Carousel to spinning cups that were a blast, even for us adults!

My four year old got to go on his very first big roller coaster – Tremors! It’s a wood roller coaster that requires a height of at least 42”. My son just barely made the cutoff and was so excited to go on the ride. I wasn’t sure what he would think and loved watching his face go from scared and nervous to loving every second! At the end he exclaimed as loud as he could, “That was AWESOME!!”

Silverwood Theme Park in Athol Idaho

One part of the park has three rides specifically for the youngest tots. In fact, the area excludes anyone over 48” tall. It was really cute to see the youngest kids in our group really enjoying the rides and having an area made specifically to accommodate them. Around lunchtime we stopped to get a scoop of ice cream – and by a scoop I mean a massive cone loaded with absolutely delicious ice cream!!

Silverwood Water Park

Then, we headed over to the water park half of the park. They have a huge slide and splash pad area for the kids with shallow water that was an absolute blast since we had seven children under seven in our group. The littlest ones splashed at the edge of the pool while the older kids hit the slides all in the same area which made it easy to watch all the kids at the same time. After a while at the splash pad, we hopped into the lazy susan and floated around the pool on some tubes until all the kids were getting tired and ready to head back to our campsite.

It was so nice to have just a short walk back to where we were staying where we could make dinner. After everyone was fed and happy, we laid all the cousins down to a movie with grandma and the rest of us adults headed back to the park for the last two open hours to hit all the large roller coasters.

Spin Cycle Coaster at Silverwood

We were able to ride on all the big coasters but our favorite was the Spin Cycle ride which has a big long arm that swings you high up into the air while spinning the seats around the base letting you see all sides of the park as you swing up into the air. The ride looks really intimidating and scary from the ground as you do go to really high into the air but it was actually just really fun! Because of the rotation it almost feels like you’re staying in one spot while upside down as your chair rotates and the arm swings downward.

Silverwood Theme Park Summer Road Trip

One thing we really noticed throughout the park was how friendly all the ride operators and attendants were. The park has a very family friendly feel which helped us to feel comfortable and have a great time at the park. Silverwood Theme park is a fun destination whether you live near by or will be passing through Idaho on a road trip. I definitely recommend a stay at the Silverwood RV park if you plan to camp or travel with an RV as the location can’t be beat!

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mia dentice carey

Wednesday 14th of August 2013

You are so much braver than I WAY would I go on that Spin Cycle ride !!!!!!!!! lol


Wednesday 14th of August 2013

What a fun day you had. I wish we lived close. My grandchildren would love it. I love where you can spend the whole day at one place and not have to keep hopping in your car to drive to the next attraction.

Danielle Royalegacy

Saturday 10th of August 2013

We want to move up there, so this would be the perfect spot to go have some fun for us when we finally do!


Saturday 10th of August 2013

That looks like so much fun for the whole family! I have been a chicken on roller coasters lately, but my son is just starting to love them. This looks like a fabulous place to visit!


Saturday 10th of August 2013

oh that looks like a fun theme park to take the family too!

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