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DialMyCalls Group Calls & Texts

This guest article and giveaway was brought to you on behalf of DialMyCalls.

DialMyCalls is a completely web-based service with no hardware to install, set up fees or hidden costs. It is also a very powerful service that allows you to easily record a message and send it to a list of phone calls instantly. You can also send text messages and emails right from any computer or mobile device.

DialMyCalls is perfect for letting your friends and family know about upcoming events, fundraisers, emergencies and a wide variety of other announcements, We are the fastest growing mass notification system and the smart choice in upgrading your current solution or setting up a new one.

For all the parents out there, this service is great for PTA Meetings / Fun Birthday Party Reminder Calls / Little League Reminders and Schedules/ Girls Night Out and any other upcoming event or activity going on in your life or your children’s busy lives. We have a lot of moms who even use us to record a fun message and send it out to all of their friends letting them know about an upcoming birthday party.

DialMyCalls offers a completely free service that does not require a payment or credit card of any kind. Just sign up and send out up to 25 calls per week to 25 contacts with a 30 second message. There are no hidden fees whatsoever and this means you can use our service for free 4x per month.

Hurry and sign up, no need to wait to start your free trial now.

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