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Dental Health Resolutions with DenTek Review

I received DenTek products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

This week I will be sharing different resolutions and goals that I would like to participate in to make 2014 an awesome year for me. Today’s resolution comes with a confession, I am horrible at flossing my teeth. I know, gross, disgusting, and so bad for your dental health, but I am just really bad at doing it. My husband is one year away from being a dentist, so I am often reminded just how crucial flossing everyday is for your teeth.

comfort clean

The biggest holdup for me when it comes to flossing is just remembering to do it. Most of the time I start thinking about things that I need to get done while I am brushing my teeth, or I am interrupted by one of my kids and next thing I know I have forgotten to floss. DenTek makes it really easy to floss quickly and just get it done! Their floss picks are Clinically proven as effective as rolled floss, but they are so much more convenient. They remove food particles and plaque using floss pre-strung on an easy-to-maneuver handle. I love that they are easy to throw in my purse for flossing on the go when it pops into my head later in the day.

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DenTek floss picks come in different varieties and floss types. I especially like the Comfort Clean picks that slide easily between tight teeth. However, as much as I love DenTek floss picks, my three-year old loves them more! They have awesome packs for kids that come in fun shapes like animals or Spiderman and he looks forward to flossing when he brushes. In fact, sometimes I find him sneaking them from the bathroom during the day to floss more! It is hilarious and makes his daddy very proud.

photo 3

Want to try them for yourself? You can find DenTek floss picks here or at your local store. They have an average retail value of about $3.00.

What I really want to know is do you have a hard time flossing or are you a constant flosser? Do you you have any dental related resolutions?