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Dealing with Some of the Irritating Symptoms of Pregnancy

Dealing with Some of the Irritating Symptoms of Pregnancy maternity

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Sure you may get a glow while pregnant but what about those other irritating symptoms?  Are all these changes to your body normal?  Pregnancy causes a lot of changes to your body and not all of them are glowing and fun, but knowing the causes can help you to deal with them a little better.

Everyone knows that pregnant women make frequent bathroom trips, but not everyone talks about the other side of that.  Often the increased need to pee and the increased pressure your baby puts on your bladder can cause you to leak when you laugh, sneeze, or stand up suddenly.  Drinking extra water during pregnancy and the pressure on the bladder are responsible for this problem.  You can deal with it by wearing a thin mini-pad and carrying a spare pair of underwear just in case.  You can also work on your muscle tone by trying kegels and working up to super kegels.  Don’t forget the importance of allowing yourself to pee more often.  The more urine you eliminate from your body the less there will be to leak.  Blame it on all that extra water you’re drinking and let yourself go to the bathroom as often as necessary.

Increased hormones in your body can cause a number of problems.  High levels of progesterone can lead to sluggish intestines, constipation, gas and bloating.  Treating constipation will help with this.  Also be sure to pay attention to what you eat and your body’s reaction to it.  If you notice that you are bloated or gassy a few hours after eating a particular food either avoid it or take supplements to help your body process it better.

Your body is pumping with extra hormones and blood and this can cause a number of irritating symptoms as well.  Your mucous membranes can swell, dry and bleed causing you to feel stuffed up without having a cold and making you snore like your grandfather.  Drinking lots of liquids and using a humidifier may help to reduce the discomfort and potential nose bleeds.  For nose bleeds keep your head straight, pinch your nose and ice the bridge of your nose, but do not tilt your head backwards.  To deal with snoring you can also sleep on your side or with a body pillow to help keep you from rolling over.

Dealing with Some of the Irritating Symptoms of Pregnancy pregnancy

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Being hot and sweaty during pregnancy is also common.  This is caused by the increased blood pumping through your body which warms your skin.  Sweating is your body’s way of naturally cooling down.  You can combat this by trying different techniques for cooling down.  Try wearing light-weight cotton maternity clothes.  Synthetic fabrics trap in heat and are not as breathable.  Wearing lighter colors will also help you stay cool as the light and heat from the sun are more readily deflected from lighter colors than darker ones.  Apply cold compresses to pulse points such as your wrists and neck.  Take cold baths to really cool off your entire body.  Maybe go for a swim in a local pool or at the beach.  Armed with a little information you can tackle all these irritating symptoms of pregnancy to continue living with your baby bump in comfort and style.

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Susie Chadwick

Thursday 13th of September 2012

I've hated going outside this summer because it's so hot! I need something like that cute sundress instead of my hot winter maternity clothes from my previous pregnancy.

Mary Dailey

Tuesday 4th of September 2012

It varies with each person and each baby and there sure are alot of symptoms!

Constanza Oller de Moore

Tuesday 4th of September 2012

I've 2 kids now 13 and 16 my husband and I were talking about a new baby but my pregnancies were so hard I couldn't move form bed I was dizzy and feet and hands numb, I couldn't smell anything at all, My diet was quite restricted and my blood pressure was so high, I would love to have a baby but pregnancy is something I'm scared.

Karen Glatt

Saturday 25th of August 2012

My sister just had her baby, and she had so many problems like you are discussing with her pregnancy! She is 40, and a lot of things can happen when you are pregnant and some of the things that happened to her is she got dehydrated! Pregnant women need to watch out in the really hot weather because they can get dehydrated very fast!


Wednesday 22nd of August 2012

Hot and sweaty is right - especially when it's over 90 in the south!  I try to wear tank tops alot and stay inside, which my 3 yr is not happy about but i just can't take the heat normally, and being pregnant it's even worse!    these clothes look great !

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