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How To Curl Your Hair Using a Straightener

I was born with EXTREMELY curly hair. Some may look at this as a blessing, but to me, it is a curse. As a little girl, before straighteners were popular, I remember looking in the mirror picturing what my hair would look like straight.

I received a Karmin Straightener in exchange for this post. Regardless, all opinions are my own. 

Fast forward through the years and now my Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional Straightener is my best friend. I use my Karmin Straightener every single day! Not only does it straighten my naturally curly hair in half the time as regular hair straighteners, but I love using my Karmin G3 to curl my hair. Yes, I said it, I straighten and then CURL my hair with my straightener. Following these quick and simple steps, you’ll be able to create perfect beach wave curls with your straightener.

How To Curl Your Hair Using a Straightener

To create the perfect beach wave curls, I always start with semi-straight hair. Most of the time this means that I wear my hair straight for one day and then curl it on day two. After gently spritzing my hair with a LITTLE bit of hairspray, you’re ready to start!

Curl your hair using a straightener

Start by selecting the piece of hair that you want to curl. If you want your curls just at the bottom, place your straightener towards the bottom of your hair. Start closer to your scalp if you want full length curls.

Curl your hair using a straightener

With your straightener, clamp down on your piece of hair and rotate your straightener in a full circle. Be careful not to leave your straightener clamped on your hair too long or else you’ll make a kink at the top of your curl.

Curl your hair using a straightener

After rotating your straightener 360, your hair should look like this. When you get to this point, gently glide your straightener towards the end of your hair. The longer you glide, the tighter the curl. This is one of my favorite parts of my Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional Straightener; it smoothly glides through my hair. I love this because with my old straightener, I could hear my hair breaking while I straightened my hair.

How to Curl your hair using a straightener - just 3 easy steps!

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When you’ve finished, your hair should look something like this! For looser curls, brush out your hair after curling.

No need to buy an incredible straighter AND curling iron when you can receive two-in-one with Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional Hair Styling Iron ($189.95). This is by far the best straightener I’ve ever owned; try it, I know you’ll agree!

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 Have you ever curled your hair using a straightener?

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice

Tuesday 17th of June 2014

What a nifty idea. I wish I could afford that particular iron, but I suppose I could get one in my budget and try your technique. Thanks.

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