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7 Unique Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Do you know what the men in your life want for Father’s Day this year? They probably aren’t itching for another tie. Instead, try one of these unique gifts for dad as a perfect Father’s Day present this year!

Samples were received for inclusion in this feature. All opinions are our own. 

7 Unique Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day


pelican proNo matter what sport or hobby your man is into, everyone needs a high quality flashlight. The Pelican Pro 2350 LED Flashlight is an extremely compact yet high powered flashlight. It measures just 4.23″ long and is small enough to fit in a pocket. That makes it the perfect flashlight for him whether he likes hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, shooting, or other fun activities. When he’s got a DIY job to do around the house and needs some light, the flashlight will be ready to fit in small spaces and light up the job. The Pelican Pro 2350 LED Flashlight has 100 lumens and can run for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The light can shine as far as 141 meters.


gold panningDad will appreciate something completely unique this year, like The Gold Rush Panning Kit from Discovery Channel. It will let dad and the whole family join together for a fun activity. My husband is really into both gold and silver, so this is a really neat gift I know he will enjoy this year. We can’t wait for the fun our kit will bring as an activity all of us can try our hand at together. The kit includes everything you need to act like an authentic gold panner including the company’s gold guaranteed “pay dirt”. Each kit contains up to $500 worth of REAL gold. Includes: 12″ gold pan, Glass vial, Snuffer Bottle, 1 bag of pay dirt, Certificate of Authenticity. The Gold Rush Panning Kit from Discovery Channel sells for just $39.95.


WranglersIf your man is anything like mine, he depends on me to shop for all his clothes. I don’t mind shopping for him, but there are some clothing items that seem harder than others to pick out. For my husband, that’s his jeans. He likes them to fit and feel a certain way.

Wranglers have fit the bill for him being comfortable, stylish and budget friendly. They have a variety of styles, fits, and even tints to match his personality. My husband likes a classic fit and a straight leg cut and these Wrangler Five Star jeans were just what he was looking for. They look really good on him flattering his body type.

Wrangler Five Star jeans start at just $19.99!



For the adventurous father, Aqua Sphere can keep him protected from the sun and cold during water sports. My husband absolutely loves all water sports from snorkeling and swimming to scuba diving. No matter what water sport he’s participating in, there are a few bummers that can come from time at the lake or beach. The first is sunburns. My husband usually tries to apply his own sunscreen and inevitably misses spots on his back ending up with bad burns after a day of fun. The other down side is chilly water in the late spring and early fall months when the weather is still beautiful but the water is chilly. Aqua Sphere offers a range of rashguards like the Aqua Skins Long Sleeve Rashguard that can solve both of these dilemas. This particular rashguard is rated for 65°F water with a 0.5-1mm Glide skin neoprene material. This rashguard gives the flexibility for movement in the water with a top not overly thick while taking the edge off of cool water. The rashguard will also protect skin from sun exposure similar to the swim shirts used by tots. The rashguard retails for $64.95.


P1100879Give the Gift of Comfort with this Silk Duvet by NovosBed. I don’t know about your Dad, but my husband loves a good nights sleep. For a long time we had very heavy blankets on our bed.  They were giving him back pains from so much weight.  This Silk Duvet by NovosBed is a fantastic lightweight option.  It is only about 1/2″ think, but beautifully made and keeps us very warm and comfortable throughout the whole night.  We even sleep with our window open year round and this keeps us in comfort.

“Silk is a natural insulator, making the duvet exquisitely warm even in its lightweight form. Mulberry silk fibers also naturally repel dust mites and bugs, depriving them of the moisture they need to survive. The natural moisture wicking property of the silk fibers ensures you sleep comfortably dry. Silk is hypo-allergenic, and is great for those with allergies to feathers & down comforters.”



Honeywell’s new Quietset Table Fan is another great option for your Father’s Day sleeping comfort.  For a very long time we did not sleep with any white noise in the background.  Then we took a trip to Savannah to visit our son.  Oh my, what a difference in the weather there.  We slept with a box fan going the whole time, and slept so soundly.  When we returned home, we were not sleeping as well and could not figure out why.  Then I suggested we get a box fan to put in the room and let it run like we did at our son’s home.  Now our nights are very restful. This Quietset Table Fan comes with a setting for sleep and white noise. Features: 4-speed control, powerful yet quiet, convenient front-mounted speed controls, compact at just 13″W by 13″H and 6.5″ D. Retails for $39.99 with a 1 year warranty.


gift-cardWhen all else fails, and you just don’t know what to get for him this year, a gift card is always a no-fail perfect gift! While anyone can pick up a gift card as a gift, you can make your gift thoughtful and unique at They have a whole range of options for personalizing your card. Add your own family photo or a picture of dad’s favorite memories for a totally unique card. Or, you can browse the gallery of images to find a perfect picture for the card. Next, add the recipients name right to the front of the card and a personal message. You can also select the card value so you stay right within your budget. Then, pair your gift card with a greeting card and all the work is done for you! You can completely customize your greeting card with an image and text or choose again from the gallery. Visit to get started!


daddinosaur-001Bonus Idea: If you still haven’t planned a gift for dad, purchase a Cooper & Kid Kit that lets dad have fun with his kids. This is a really unique gift subscription that gets kids and dads interacting and enjoying their time together. The Cooper & Kid boxes are designed for kids ages 5-9 and come loaded with multiple curated items and activities designed for quality time together.

If you have an extra hairy dad, upload a picture to the Fuzzworthy Father Photo Contest, open through Father’s Day, for a chance to win a Cooper & Kid subscription!

Order a kit and print out the receipt to let dad know what’s on the way. Plus, if you order by midnight on Father’s Day, you’ll get a FREE Motley Grooming kit (a $65 value) in addition to your Cooper & Kid activity box! Cooper & Kid offers a quarterly box for $78 per quarter.


What are your ideas for unique gifts for dad?

Christine Watts

Monday 16th of June 2014

My husband loves when he gets new Wranglers.


Thursday 12th of June 2014

The kids like making handmade gifts.

Lesley F

Tuesday 10th of June 2014

My husband would like the Aqua Sphere

Liz Bates

Monday 9th of June 2014

My husband loves air flow - the fan would be perfect!


Monday 9th of June 2014

I dont think my husband can ever have enough flashlights or batteries!

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