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Chevrolet Gets Wi-Fi!

Do ever have moments where ou think, “Wow, the future is NOW!”? I do all the time! I mean it was not long ago that pagers were all the rage. That I would babysit with no way to get in contact with the parents of the children I was watching. That the only way you could send mail to someone was to drop it off at the post office! It is absolutely amazing the things we can do with technology these days. I mean regular cell phones are pretty amazing, but look at what our phones do now!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chevrolet. The opinions and text are all mine.


You could just go ahead and just scrape my jaw off the floor when I saw that Chevrolet now has available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi available in their cars. What!!? Just think for a minute about what that means!

The first thing I thought of was music, I love to listen to my music on Pandora or Spotify while I clean my house or workout. But with the Internet at my fingertips I would be able to play all my favorite songs as we drive along! If you have ever had kids who are opinionated about the radio, you are getting pretty excited right about now!


With a more powerful connection than a smartphone, OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi is the ultimate Wi-Fi hotspot. It offers great signal quality and bandwidth for up to seven devices. Yup, seven! Our family loves to go on road trips. We frequently travel to see family about a 14 hour drive from our house. I have a 2 and a 3-year-old. If you have ever road tripped with a toddler you know that preparation is everything.

We always pack the tablets and dvd players for the road, but without fail they want to watch the one movie we didn’t bring. With this new technology we could easily access all of our digital movies we have saved to our cloud, Netflix, or even watch their favorite shows straight from the networks website. Talk about a game changer. With the ability to support 7 devices, the whole family can choose what they would like to watch or play in the car!


Obviously this technology is meant for passengers to enjoy or to be used while the car is stopped. Safety should always be your top priority while driving. But I just know I could find so many ways to use this extra connectivity.

How would you use your built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi?

Francine @ Teresa's Family Cleaning

Thursday 11th of September 2014

This is so cool! I might never leave my car!


Wednesday 10th of September 2014

Yes - I would do more work on road trips! Love this feature!

Deborah A.

Wednesday 10th of September 2014

We take a lot of car trips and frequently find ourselves in the middle of the desert. Having wi-fi in the car would be so nice for streaming music and movies! I would so love that.


Wednesday 10th of September 2014

This is SO awesome! I know some people who have trouble getting wi-fi in their homes, but yet you can get it in a Chevy! Too cool.


Wednesday 10th of September 2014

We are witnessing the dawning of a golden age right now. Awesome.

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