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Cheesy Breadstick remake

We have a favorite Pizza place that often times offers free or inexpensive cheesy bread sticks.  Up until now, I have never really known what to do with them.  We don’t really just want to eat bread dipped in sauce, so we have passed on even getting them.

Breadsticks Remake

The other day, they were free, so I thought what the heck!  Then I had a brilliant idea, Yes, It was a light bulb moment.

The whole in the middle always kind of confused me but I got past that and here is my take on the remake.

Cheesy Breadstick Remake


I opped to use half at a time and make two separate meals out of this.  I was able to use the baking dish for both times.


Press the center together and the dough out to form a half circle.


Place what ever toppings you want on one half of the dough.  I used sauteed mushrooms and Parmesan cheese.  You can use traditional pizza toppings, or mix it up with other pocket sandwich ideas.  I do it with no sauce inside, then dip it in the sauce after it has baked.


Fold the dough over the filling!


roll the edges up so it seals in the filling. I then cut a couple slits in the top to keep it from exploding while it baked.


Baked it at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.  Took it out, cut it in two, placed it on a plate with sauce to dip and boy was this a winner.

Hope you find fun ways to use this Idea.