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Calming Nighttime Coughs

We have all been there. It is cold and cough season. The kids are finally asleep and just as you finally curl up exhausted underneath the covers, the coughing starts. You can hear your poor kiddo as they cough and cough and then call out for you. Sick kids are the worst. As a mom, I feel so helpless as their little bodies learn to fight back against those nasty colds that circulate around this time of year. But, now I don’t have to feel so helpless!


I received product and compensation for this post, all opinions are my own.

Mentholatum has just released its brand new Lavender Scented Nighttime Chest Rub, and it is a dream come true! It’s scent is soothing and pleasant and it does the trick to stop that nighttime cough. My kids love to have it applied to their chest before bed. Not only do the vapors help clear and suppress those pesky coughs but the act of applying it helps my kids calm down and relax before bedtime. It lasts up to 8 hours and helps avoid having to administer cough syrup!

IMG_8061One of my favorite ways to use this rub is an old trick I learned from moms that came before me. This trick works for adults and children alike. All you need is your Vapor Rub and a pair of socks!


Simply apply the vapor rub to the soles of your feet and and cover with the socks. This simple trick will stop the coughing and last for hours!


Like any medication you want to keep this rub out of reach of children. It is intended for the use of kids over the age of two. Make sure to talk to your doctor before using on younger children.


Tammy Greer

Monday 27th of October 2014

We use a vaporizer.

Thomas Murphy

Monday 27th of October 2014

I drink hot tea with honey for night time coughs

Bryan E.

Monday 27th of October 2014

Thanks for the giveaway… neti pot before bedtime & hot tea with lemon & honey !

Cheryl Reinhardt

Monday 27th of October 2014

We say a Prayer, cough syrup and a humidifier

Trisha McKee

Monday 27th of October 2014

I use vaporizing rub on the chest, never knew about the trick with it on the bottoms of feet! i also use medicine and tea with honey.

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