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Keeping Your Home Secure – D-Link Cloud Camera Review

Before we left on our long summer road trip, we wanted to be sure we had some security measures in place so that we would be able to monitor our home and know if something had happened while we were away. We had to opportunity to test out a D-Link Cloud Camera 1150. We already had a security camera that protects our entry way looking out at the doorstep. We have had one there for several years now to be able to watch for stolen packages or monitor who was at the door before we opened it. You can never be too sure. However, we didn’t have any cameras inside our home.

Hooking up the camera was really easy! We started by plugging in the camera and making sure all the firmware was up-to-date. Then, we just screwed the camera’s mount right onto the wall. Once we plugged it in, we were good to go.

Review D-Link Cloud Camera

Here’s a close up look at the D-Link Cloud Camera 1150.

It was really interesting to see what we were able to catch while we were away on our trip. Luckily, we didn’t have any break-ins. We were able to make sure nothing out of the ordinary was going on in our home while our friend collected our mail for us.

D-Link Cloud Camera Review

Our camera is set at one end of our long open area in our home. Just to the right of the picture is our back door. If anyone was to come in through that sliding glass door, it would be very easy to see them. The picture captures all the way across our family room to our front door. Just to the left side of our picture is our hallway towards the kids room and our garage, the final entry point for our home. I feel like this camera gives us really great coverage of all our entry points with just one camera view. The picture was pretty decently clear, too, seeing as how the camera was looking all the way across our room.

I absolutely love the peace of mind having a simple tool like a security camera brings. While we were away, we were able to still check in on our home and make sure there was no theft or other problems like a leaky faucet causing a flood. Theft is really prevalent in our area and we had an issue with our washing machine the night before we left. The best part is, we were able to set out sound and motion detection so we were alerted right away if anyone came into our home and could check if it wasn’t something we were expecting. The camera worked great for both day and night viewing, which was really important for us.

To find out more about the D-Link Cloud Camera 1150, visit

I received a D-Link cloud camera 1150 in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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