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California Vacation: Beach & Pool Day!

Saturday we were going to go to the Beach but it was a bit cold in the morning so we went down to have a Pool day first for a bit and that was fun and headed to the Beach in the afternoon.

The pool was fun! Tyler kept giving me a heart attack though running straight off the edge of the pool to be “caught”. Nate is afraid of the water so I didn’t have to worry about him too much, he wouldn’t go off of the steps! Except to jump to Daddy! I mostly stayed on the steps of the hot tub! The heated pool was still too cold for me! 🙂

California Vacation: Beach & Pool Day! california pool day 2
California Vacation: Beach & Pool Day! california pool day 1

And getting out we wrapped all the kids in towels.. though they didn’t stay on the whole way up to the room, lol. Tyler LOVED the water and was doing great kicking and trying to swim along in our arms!

We went to Crystal Cove beach which is supposed to have a really neat underwater park great for snorkeling where you can see Seals, Dolphins, maybe even migrating whales not more than 300′ from the shore!!

But… I guess we didn’t make it to the right spot of the Cove because where we were the waves were big and all we could see snorkeling was tons of kicked up sand, not even any fish. And the water was FREEZING!!! So, we didn’t last long snorkeling. The beach was still really fun though!

California Vacation: Beach & Pool Day! california beach day
The beach and my husband buried with a mask and snorkel. Don’t worry, he could breath just fine!