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A New Kind of Fresh Scent for Your Car

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PERK. All opinions are 100% mine.

I drive a minivan and tote my four boys from school, to play, and all around town. That means, I always have a ton of different, usually not so pleasant, smells coming in and out of the car.

The worst offender is my oldest. Once in a while he will wear his sneakers without socks and then take off his shoes in the car. As you can imagine, his feet smell horrible after a day running around on the playground. Then there are smells from my youngest who is in tow of dirty diapers or spilled milk. Needless to say, I was excited to try out a new vent air freshener by PERK.

Vent Wrap - PERK

The design of PERK’s new Vent Wrap is made to be barely noticeable. It slips onto one of the slats on your air vents in your vehicle. You can still close and adjust how open your vents are.

It was really easy to put on the PERK vent wrap. It literally slid right on. I appreciate that I don’t have to mess with it at all for the next 60 days when it will be time to replace the scent.

Perk Vent Wrap

We tried out Absolute Zero, New Car, and Clean Laundry scents. Absolute Zero is a very manly smell, it reminds me of a bachelor’s car. New Car scent was my favorite. It almost smells a little bit of a hint of fruity though it’s not really a fruit scent. Clean laundry is a clean and refreshing scent as well.

The scents are really strong, too strong for my preference, the first day or two. Since then, though, I love the PERK vent wrap. It really makes my car smell clean and pleasant helping to mask any odors from my children in the back seats.

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