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A Comfortable Sofa is our Family Room Centerpiece!

Comfortable SofaWe really enjoy entertaining and having friends and family over to visit. In all the times having company over, it’s been easy to see that the most important piece in a family room is a comfortable sofa! When visiting with your guests, having a place to sit and visit becomes essential. We used to have just one couch in our family room but quickly realized there just wasn’t enough seating in the room when we had visitors over so we brought in our super comfy couch that we had moved into our playroom so that we now have enough seating to give everyone a place to sit, visit, and feel comfortable in our home. We really enjoy playing board games, cards games, and group games as well. Playing group games doesn’t need a table so we usually play right in our family room in a close and comfortable setting. One of our couches has a chaise lounge end, which is my very favorite! I love sitting there and lounge out my legs and grabbing a book to read. The lounge area also works as additional seating when we have a large group as guests can also sit on the end of the chaise.

The other pieces of a family room that I think have been essential for our home is a nice book shelf that can hold a lot! We load our bookshelf with books and decor which really adds to the comfortable feel of our family room. I also feel it encourages and displays a love of reading, which is something that I strive so share and pass along to my children. We also have our desk and computer in our family room to keep it open and exposed to the rest of the house. For us, it is important to keep computer use in the open so that sites visited are always public and not hidden and private to keep all of us in the household safe and accountable. It also keeps those using the computer still apart of the happenings going on in the family room so it works well for us!

What do you think is the most important piece of furniture in your family room?

Disclosure: This post and image is brought to you by our friends at Tesco.

Jennifer Mae Hiles

Wednesday 18th of July 2012

I agree - i good sofa makes all the difference. I so badly want a new one! Our living room is so small and awkward though

mrs. bacon

Tuesday 17th of July 2012

The recliner is the favorite in my house.

Jo-Ann Brightman

Saturday 14th of July 2012

I love your sofa.  I need a large corner sofa and lounge chair too.  That would become the most important piece in my living room. 

Kelly Nicholson

Friday 13th of July 2012

This looks super..i need one! like the pic

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