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5 Reasons They’ll Love Day Camp

I received compensation for this post. However, all opinions are my own. 

My local church group has a Boy Scouts of America troop for the boys to participate in for weekly activities. My son joined the troop when he turned 8 and has absolutely loved participating in the weekly activities. This year was his first year to attend day camp, though, and it was an incredible experience for him. His time at day camp is something he’ll always remember. Here are 5 reasons my son loved his time at Boy Scouts of America day camp, and why it’s an experience all boys should have!

5 Reasons to Love Day Camp

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1. Discover New Interests – Day camp covered so many areas including of interest arts, science, building skills, and more as they worked towards earning belt loops. My son found that he really enjoyed archery, something we wouldn’t have taught him at home as we don’t have a range or bow. It was neat to see him come home expressing new interests in a variety of areas.


2. Learn Something New – The camp included learning about space, electricity, history, and more. While they were learning, it was disguised as fun so it didn’t feel like a stuffy school lesson.


3. Deepen Friendships – Your child may make new friends, or strengthen the friendships he already has. The days at day camp are so jam packed full of fun that they really create a lot of memories as a troop along with inside jokes!

4. Get out of the House – The best way to spend summer break is getting out and having full, fun, packed days! But, entertaining your kids for those long summer days can be exhausting. Day camp is the perfect way to give your child something totally memorable from their summer break without having to do any planning. Get them out of the house and exploring, creating, and discovering something new.


5. Have FUN! – Nothing beats the fun of day camp! Each night after camp, my son came home so tired from the full day, but so excited to tell me all about his day. I could tell he was exhausted, but even still he was too excited about all the fun he had to go right to sleep, he had to share all the details!


Here are just some of the fun activities my son participated in during this year’s Boy Scouts of America Day Camp:

  • Target Shooting
  • Archery
  • Leather work11110451_783503975080643_2224220278386200077_n-001
  • Swimming
  • Electric circuits
  • Outer space study
  • Air pressure
  • Catapults
  • Jousting with pool noodles
  • Water balloon battle11254056_10207225362740357_1187014167531484993_n-001
  • Crafting a wooden sword
  • Design a Castle
  • Try to pull the Sword from the StoneIMG_0681-001

I’ve seen so much growth in my son in the mere 9 months he’s been involved in his Boy Scouts of America Wolf den. I see it forming in him early leadership skills, budding new interests, teaching him about a strong moral compass, and guiding a desire to serve and work hard.


After each of his weekly den meetings, my son has come home excited to be in scouts and really enjoying whatever project or lessons they worked on that day. He has made a bird house, learned how to play chess, crafted a weather vane, and many, many more projects.


All boys can benefit from the support, encouragement, and life lessons found through a Boy Scouts of America troop. Whether for weekly den and pack meetings or being involved in summer day camps – it all builds a strong foundation for these boys to become upstanding citizens and men in their future. Learn more about scouting at

Karen Glatt

Thursday 23rd of July 2015

Day camp is such a great way to be creative and make new friends and do things that has never been done before. I loved camp when I was a kid, and so did my brothers and sisters. Everyone should experience all the fun of day camp!

Sandy Klocinski

Thursday 23rd of July 2015

I think day camp is a great idea. It exposes kids to kids from other backgrounds. Thanks for the share

Carl Johnson

Monday 13th of July 2015

Having spent 33 years in Scouting from Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, explorers, most leadership positions (I wouldn't have if I didn't like it)and now at 75 being on staff for day camp, I've found it to be the BEST time of my life except for the day I married my wife (also a Scouter of both Girls and Boys). Being on staff, we all love to hear that the boys are enjoying what we help them learn while having fun doing it. Day camp and Scouting in general, is fun for us too. Send us more of your sons (and daughters for Girl Scouts). We'll help bring them up right.

Christine Libengood

Friday 10th of July 2015

Day camps can be fun,I've helped with a few but nothing can replace the experience of camping overnight. Done a few of those also.

Btw, at 8 years old, your son is not in a Boy Scout Troop, he's in a Cub Scout Pack. Still the BSA but the older boys are in troops.

Becca Wilson

Tuesday 7th of July 2015

I used to go to 4H Camp when I was a child and I absolutely loved it. I got to know people from surrounding counties and learn all sorts of new things. When my son gets to the age I will be signing him up for some camps :)

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